Saturday, February 17, 2007


It was a day of brilliant sunshine and single digit temperatures, with a mated pair of cardinals feeding at our bird station outside the living room window as if to say, “It’s not so cold!” After Morning Offering Jim cooked, roasting a turkey, while I worked on the Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues, sending Judy the finished session two of the fourth group of nine with changes tracked, plus the third and fourth session of this fourth group, which she will pre-edit and send back to me with her comments.

For my lunch I enjoyed the leftovers from our Valentine’s dinner, potatoes au gratin, herbed mushrooms and some of my filet mignon. The food was still outstanding! Yum! Jim and I stretched before he set out to do all manner of errands and chores and I went back to work on Chapter Four of 101: The Choice. I was able to finalize the first two portions of that chapter and make good headway on the third section, which is on the survival aspect of red ray. The discussion was mostly upon the feelings of despair, helplessness and hopelessness, which are red-ray sources of blockage because of their ability to cause the person not to want to survive.

Jim and I had a good whirlpool and watched Democracy Now before coming downstairs and supping early – I finished the lobster bisque from that same Valentine’s dinner – so that we could open the house for a Friday Movie Night. I had expected Carmen as well as Romi but he said he forgot to let her know, as we had asked him to do. I felt badly about that! I will apologize when I see her tomorrow. She and I are going consignment shopping together after we meet for lunch.

The movie was a violent one, The Departed, ending up like the fifth act of Hamlet, with no one left standing. It was an interesting and a good story, with excellence in the ensemble and direction. One could not like the film, however. There was no redeeming quality to any of the characters and no grateful aspect to the cops-and-mob saga. It fit Churchill’s definition of life as “one damn thing after another”. I slept soundly through the second half of the film so perhaps I should not be so judgmental!

Romi joined us for the Gaia Meditation, for which we paused the video, and left after the film finished at about 10:30. Mick and I finished off the day with a snuggle with the kitties and said good night around midnight.

Gary is away visiting his friend, Jessica, after working around the house this morning.