Friday, March 02, 2007


The local area dodged the continuing winter storm which is paralyzing Omaha and Lincoln. We had a divinely sunshiny day here. I wrote in the Camelot Journal and answered a bit of e-mail. Steve T and Gary B both wrote to OK Jim’s and my plans to hold a mid-year meeting of the Board and I wrote them to say thanks.

And it looks as though we have found our printer for A Book of Days: Blitzprint. Even though it is a POD printer and might be expected to charge more per copy than an orthodox printer, they beat Beechmont Press’s estimate handily. I wrote to Gary and Ian urging them to find out for sure about shipping costs and, if all was copaesthetic, to go ahead and put in our order.

Romi wrote to say that he would stay longer than he intended on his visit to Dana R, in Utah, so that we could not do a broadcast of our Sunday meeting’s channeling if we channel this next Sunday. He won’t return to Louisville until next Tuesday. So we re-set the channeling Sundays for March to be the 18th and the 25th. I wrote Gary to ask him to get in touch with Mark G, who has been driving up from the Nashville, TN, area for our meetings. I imagined he would rather wait until we channel to make that drive.

Lastly, I wrote Maureen at World Puja about a channeling she placed in her comments for March. It was eerily similar to material in my column for this week, on making poor circumstances better by realizing the glory of the present moment and all the help and guidance we have. I wrote to tell her so, and attached a copy of my column for her to look at and see the similarities. I love synchronicities!

Other than that small amount of work, today was a day of resting and enjoying Mom’s company. We went to the cemetery to put a white rose on Dad McCarty’s grave and started packing to leave tomorrow morning.

We enjoyed TV with Mom until quite late – David Letterman was holding forth when we finally admitted we were sleeping in our chairs. We wanted to give Mom the maximum amount of our time, since it was the last day we’re here! I know she appreciated that. We all sought our beds somewhat after midnight.

During Jim’s and my travels today, we were out past the cemetery on one of the county’s surveyed roads, which are often unpaved. The original surveyors surveyed out a grid of roads north-south and east-west at a one-mile hatch all along the railroad, which runs right through Lexington. These are access roads, rough and basic. I like driving them because the winter colors come through so cleanly away from civilization’s details. It is the peak of winter color around here, with the grays, browns and blacks of old stubbled grass, tree trunks and fields singing their song to my eyes. It is a kind of beauty that you see in old people’s faces, full of dignity and worth – my article’s themes for the past three weeks.

Imagine my surprise on seeing a large vehicle coming towards us on this unpaved road! It was large as a truck to see from far off. When we grew closer to it, we could see it was a tractor. And when we drew abreast of it, we could see that the farmer driving it was on the telephone! Civilization is everywhere these days.