Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Today, with its cold breezes and mostly overcast skies, was tough weather for working outside, as the thermometer hovered at 20 F, but after Morning Offering the intrepid Mick went off to garden for one of his customers while I spent the morning working on the “in case of our death” document. I have most of the new information Jim and I discussed written into this document now, but I lack finishing the last bit because Gary and I needed to consult. Hopefully I shall finish that document up on Thursday morning. I sent an e-mail to Gary asking for some insurance information to put in that document. We want it to be complete!

Jim arrived home to find Gary and I deep in a discussion of our opportunities for volunteers chart. We try to keep a current list of our volunteer needs on site for people to see. A good many of our volunteer efforts are already assigned to specific people and they do not need help in working on those projects. So we actually had fewer volunteer needs than I expected us to have.

Gary and I were not able, yet, to come to a conclusion as to how to present our donation needs. We have two sorts of needs: we need money to pay the staff and we need money to print projects when they are ready. I thought it might be good to have various ways available to donate – for the staff costs, for the overhead in general or for one of our projects. Gary suggests one “donations” button only. And it is true that when we have a new book ready, we do write a letter asking people t contribute to its printing cost. Gary probably has the right solution. We will revisit this on Saturday, when he works for L/L again.

Jim’s call to lunch ended Gary’s and my planning meeting, and I came down to enjoy my “Boost”. Yesterday I began a modified fast. I cannot really afford to go completely without sustenance, as I am already anemic and also take a lot of medicines – for seizures, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hormone replacement, tummy, decongestant and anti-inflammatories. It is not a good idea to take all this prescription medication on an empty stomach. So I am having a Boost liquid supplement three times a day, plus a handful of trail mix each day, to keep my digestive system working on something solid. I hope to improve my health by resting my tummy and quieting down some of these GI symptoms which I am guessing are allergic.

After I have been on this diet for a couple of weeks, I will start adding foods back in and see what my body’s reactions are to each food. It is patient work, but worth doing, as the doctors do not have a clue as to how to help and I continue feeling poorly.

In the afternoon, I went back to work on Chapter Four of 101: The Choice. I removed some material from the red ray section that belongs in orange ray instead and created new text for the red ray section. Slowly this chapter is taking the shape it needs to take.

I worked until Mick came home from doing a slew of errands and ran our bath. After we enjoyed our bath, and came upstairs to my room for a very pleasant nap together, Jim and I came back downstairs to greet Romi, who was over for a visit. We had a good supper, watching Jon Stewart and Steve Colbert and then an episode of House before sitting for the Gaia Meditation, with Jim offering the ending prayer.

We enjoyed the kitties before saying good night at 11 PM.