Monday, March 05, 2007


I slept late on this Sabbath morning, getting up barely in time to write the Camelot Journal entry before Jim came back from checking St. Luke’s to be sure that none of the snow that had fallen here was sticking to their parking areas or walks. All was well there.

We had a quiet morning, with me doing puzzles and napping further while Jim cleaned the house, as is his Sunday habit. Ian had written with some good suggestions concerning Jim’s and my proposal to enlarge the Board of L/L Research and over lunch we worked together to resolve some of his very good questions and find some solutions. The challenge when enlarging a governing body is to enlarge it in a way where it is able to do business and not become paralyzed or polarized to the point where it cannot make decisions. We are addressing that concern.

I came upstairs after lunch to work on the “in case of our death” worksheets and found to my unhappy surprise that the version I sent out to the Board members had gone missing. I was left with two versions, neither of which is the finished version. So I spent the remaining time before the meeting reconstituting the document. I shall need to check tomorrow to be sure all is restored.

Carmen was our sole attendee today, since Romi is still visiting Dana R and Tom F had a swim event to attend on behalf of his grandson. We had intended to do a broadcast channeling session today, but Romi was absent, making that impossible. So we had a silent meditation instead. It was a good session! Afterwards, Jim handed around the Love Tea and we conversed until dinner time. Gary came back from his serving day at Cracker Barrel in time to share the meal.

Carmen spent quite a bit of time working as a volunteer today, finishing up the formatting on my poetry database and getting g a bare start on organizing Papa’s Archive. In my zeal to listen to each and every tape and CD, I have gotten his materials very mixed up. She will tackle the job of straightening the archive out. It is a wonderful resource of living history and well worth the work. And I feel unrepentant about messing the filing system up, as I can guarantee you I’ve listened to everything he’s ever sent – and through the years, the material has become massive.

Carmen, Jim and I shared the Gaia Meditation and then Carmen and I watched some TV while Jim called Mom McCarty and worked on his e-mail. Jim and I said good night to Carmen at 10 PM and to each other around midnight after a wonderful snuggle with the cats.