Wednesday, March 14, 2007


313 is the number on Donald Duck’s license plate – a little known comic book fact, but one that always comes to my mind on March 13th. Our Donald Duck Memorial Day was swell, with the temperature soaring to 80 F and the skies cerulean and decorated with puffy, innocent clouds. Our yard is full of budding daffodils and a sea of tulip leaves is marching towards the light from our rapidly warming earth.

After Morning Offering, Gary and I set in to do tax work while Jim worked for a customer, gardening all morning.

We met for lunch and Jim and I had a good stretch together, and then Jim was off again, to garden for another customer and to spread 55 bags of mulch for her. Our humidity is unbelievably low for Kentucky, 18%, today, so Jim came home black as the dust he was raising all afternoon. Rain has been predicted but so far it has evaporated before hitting the ground. He was clearing his eyes for a good hour after he got home! Mick was doing “mulch” hard work,

Meanwhile Gary and I powered on with the tax data collection. By quitting time, we had collected almost all the data for the household, which is the hard part.

Now we just have to check L/L Research and Jim’s Lawn Service files and archive the information in our tax file drawers. I greatly look forward to the crowning action of tax time – shredding the most distant year for which records have been kept. We keep everything for eight years, so I guess we will be free at last of all the paper for 1998, soon!

It is frustrating to have to take the time from writing on the CHOICE project. However, it’s that time of year, and we need to get this information collected and into the hands of our faithful, long-time tax preparer, Linda D. She first did our taxes in 1984!

Mick and I had a refreshing whirlpool and then took Romi out for dinner to thank him for the tremendous amount of hard work he has done for us lately. We have had a rash of technical problems, most notably my keyboard on Traveller needing replacement, and he has managed to keep us up and running flawlessly. So we took him to Lentini’s, an old Louisville restaurant, where I had the most wonderful tenderloin in mushroom sauce. The taste was superb and the meat was cooked to perfection. I do love good food!

We said good night to Romi at the restaurant and offered the Gaia Meditation on the way home, with me offering the closing prayer. When we arrived home, we gravitated upstairs for a snuggle with the cats and then a romantic interlude before bedtime at 11 PM.