Monday, March 19, 2007


It was a pretty, though chilly, Sabbath, and Jim cleaned while I went to church and sang the beautiful music of an Anglican Lent – today, a Herbert Howells piece at the Offertory and a lovely old hymn for Communion. After a delicious lunch, I napped until bath time while Jim enjoyed March Madness on TV.

The channeling meditation was attended by Carmen and Romi as well as Jim and me, a small but excellent group today. I had been pondering the worthiness of describing life as a game, which I have been doing in 101: The Choice. I wanted to get the Q’uo’s thoughts on that if I could. Since the question was mine, I am especially eager to see the transcript!

Carmen stayed to spend some volunteer hours working on the poetry database which she is committing to digital form for me. I had thought we were all done until I found the folders of songs which I had not yet given her. Generally speaking, the only difference between my poetry and my songs is that the songs have been set to music at one point. So Carmen is now adding the songs to the database.

Romi handled the broadcast of the channeling today with ease and I believe all went very well with that. After the meditation, he went around to the various computers, doing maintenance. He alone keeps this little computer set-up functioning!

Basketball came back for the evening, naturally. Gary joined us and Gary, Carmen and I read our books while Jim watched his game. It was a cozy non-conversation which we enjoyed along with Romi’s Love Tea. We had dinner later and offered the Gaia Meditation together, with Gary offering the prayer, and then the party broke up. Jim and I called Mom McCarty and then had a good snuggle with the kitties before bedtime.