Sunday, March 18, 2007

2007-03-16 and 17

It has been a challenging couple of days for me in terms of staying awake. There is no worsening of my health situation, except for a pronounced tendency to fall asleep, even in the morning when I am usually at my perkiest.

Friday’s work for me involved getting the last of the puzzle pieces in place so we can print A Book of Days. We have now finalized the choice of printer and secured funding to pay said printer, thanks to a very generous contributor. Ian is working on the front cover and I have an appointment next Thursday morning with Bishop Gulick, whose comments I would like to place on the back cover along with Fr. Joe’s.

In the afternoon, I worked to find a good quote to start off the orange-ray discussion in Chapter Four of 101: The Choice. I found quite a few good q’uotes from Q’uo as well as from the Ra sessions but was not satisfied with any yet. I am not worried. I have explored only the first six of 15 pages of suggestions for quotes, using the key search word, orange. I will find the right quote soon!

Today being Saturday, we slept late and offered the Morning Offering around 10 AM. I continued to sleep all morning, inadvertently, in my Mama chair in the upstairs office, feeling mighty silly when Mick woke me for lunch. My afternoon was spent working up Gary’s notes into our next Gatherings Newsletter. It was very good to get that out. It has been much delayed by my working so slowly of late. We talked in it for the first time about next fall’s Homecoming. I imagine that will fill up quickly. Our only question is in the numbers. If we get a lot more than a dozen people wishing to come, we shall need to look for a venue other than Camelot. Our topic this year will be “Who Am I”.

We’re in the middle of the NCAA play-offs, so basketball uniforms have been plentiful images for our viewing this whole week, and continuing for the next couple of weeks of the March Madness routine. Gary and I read our books while Jim takes in the action on the TV. It works well for us!

Jim and I had a romantic tryst after the game and the Gaia Meditation and then snuggled with the kitties until bedtime.