Friday, March 16, 2007


The Ides of March was a fortunate day for L/L Research! After Morning Offering, Jim and I turned on the lights to brighten the gray overcast coming through the windows from the chilly day and got the last of the tax preparation work done, including filing all the 2006 records away and shredding 1998’s paper records, a joyous moment!

Gary talked with Pat S, the tech guy at our tax preparer’s office, and found how to make a CD of all our QuickBooks records. So all is prepared for the tax preparer! At last! I called and made an appointment with Linda D for next Tuesday afternoon. We’ll be on time with taxes this year – an improvement over the last three years, which have all been cliff-hangers.

I also called and made an appointment with Bishop Gulick for next Thursday. I will ask him for a quote to put on the back of A Book of Days. Gary got the final quote from Blitzprint for printing this sweet book, and I sent the information on to Morris, who wishes to make a further donation towards its publication costs. It’s coming together!

After a celebratory lunch and stretching, Jim went to clean winter debris from a customer’s yard while I read through all the red-ray quotes from the Ra sessions one more time, just to be sure I had not short-changed the discussion of it in 101: The Choice. I decided to add one small quote to the section. It was great to read the whole section through and not feel the need to change anything. At last!! The red-ray section is finished! Now I can move on to the discussion of orange ray.

I have felt quite weary lately and today is no exception. Jim and Gary watched a video after Jim’s and my bath, but I slept through most all of it. Perhaps it is my body’s way of removing itself from the discomfort of my current situation. At any rate it is working for me! I sleep quite well at night no matter how much I find myself napping during the day. So the napping is natural and good. It is somewhat aggravating to feel that I am missing out on good things like the video, and yet at the same time I rejoice that relief from the discomfort I feel is so easily come by!

We offered the Gaia Meditation after a good dinner together with Gary. Jim woke me after the video was over so that he and I could come upstairs for a bedtime snuggle with the kitties. We said good night early, around 10:30, as Jim must rise early tomorrow. He has an appointment with a surveyor at 9 AM, and it is an hour’s drive there.