Thursday, March 22, 2007


What a parade of daffodils marches through our yard now! For over two decades now we have planted a few more each year so that they could begin to naturalize. They are indeed beginning to do that and the effect is stunning. Getting the paper this morning was great fun! And the honeysuckle is in bud!

After Morning Offering I worked on the weekly article I write for UPI, telling the story of a guy, Mike Berg, whose attempts to make a difference have run up against so much static. I wanted to look at the cost of standing up for what you believe is true. I hope people will enjoy it!

Jim came home from a morning of estate work and we shared a good lunch and stretching together before he took himself off to do more of the same. I spent the afternoon fishing for the right quote to begin orange-ray discussion of the relationship of the self with the self. I found what I was looking for on the fifteenth page of quotes found by doing a Google site search on our site on the word, “orange”. I found what I was looking for just as Jim called bath time.

In the morning, I had taken some time out to get Linda D, our tax preparer, the information which she had requested at our meeting yesterday. Two faxes later, I got the good news that she was OK now. Whew! No more details and numbers to capture before they wiggle away! Not until next year at tax time, of course!

Late in the day I realized I was going to see the Bishop tomorrow armed with a manuscript of A Book of Days which was unfinished, so I e-mailed Ian for the current pages. The text, of course, had not changed, being channeling, but the introductory and appendix pages had changed a lot. Thankfully, Ian was still at his computer and e-mailed me back the needed pages right away. The refurbished manuscript now awaits Bishop Gulick’s attention in all of its finished glory.

Jim came home having picked up sticks all afternoon and we had a most refreshing whirlpool and got cleaned up before I had to head out for choir practice. We caught some of Amy Goodman’s news in the meantime. After I sang my little heart out, I came home to a good supper and the Gaia Meditation, with me offering the ending prayer. I read some on Papa’s letters – he just sent me hundreds of pages of his thoughts – while Jim did laundry and then we retired upstairs for a bedtime snuggle with the cats. Chloe, our little inkspot, gets a bit broader in the beam each month. I believe she will be a fat cat! Dan D. is a much more svelte pussycat, and Pickwick is the lightest of the three cats now. The kittens are now over a year old! They are very affectionate and sweet kitties and a joy to share life with.