Wednesday, March 21, 2007


We ushered in spring with mild weather today and a shifting kaleidoscope of light and overcast. After Morning Offering Jim set out to clean a customer’s yard of winter debris while I came upstairs to do some editing on a transcript I just received from Carmen, from December 12 of last year, I believe. However I managed handily to fall asleep soon after beginning, not waking up until close to lunch time. My recent narcolepsy-like snoozing is a mystery in that I do not lose sleep at night because of it. Always before, if I have napped during the day, I am awake all night. So I must assume this is health-related and probably the rest is needed.

I did get about half of the session edited, in the short time I had left before lunch.

After a good lunch with Jim and doing our stretching exercise, I set out with Gary for the tax preparer’s office downtown, enjoying the sight of the swelling buds on some of the trees. We managed to find a parking place in the crowded city garage and spent the afternoon going over tax details, high above the city in a high-rise. It is amazing just how much tax information I do NOT know! We came home with several details to look up and send to her tomorrow. It’s grand to have that done for another year – almost!

Romi came over for a visit in the evening and we enjoyed a late supper, the Jon Stewart/Colbert Report political wise cracking hour, an hour of Stargate Atlantis and the Gaia meditation. That ended Romi’s visit, and Jim and I said good night to Gary soon thereafter, ascending the stairs for a bedtime snuggle with the kitties.