Friday, March 30, 2007


It was a gray day, cloudy and moody and warm. After Morning Offering Mick set out for a morning of mulching while I edited an Aaron/Q’uo session – I should say re-edited. I’d asked my co-channel, Barbara Brodsky, to look at one part of the session which was repetitive. She did that and shortened the story nicely. My job was just to be sure it all worked. It worked!

I decided to chew through some e-mail before tackling the next A/Q session, as I believe Gary will have the latest L/L Research transcript ready by tomorrow morning and I wish to give that priority.

So I wrote a note to Scot H, who likes a movie Don and I made in 1972 called The Girl Snatchers. He noted that Bub Asman, who edited our flick, received an Academy Award for his work on Clint Eastwood’s Flags of our Fathers. I’m so pleased for Bub. He was such a good guy, the salt of the earth. I am so glad he has made good, as we say in these parts.

I thanked Frederico for his enthusiastic volunteering effort on behalf of L/L, which we had to shut down, as he had duplicated our site’s transcripts on his site, but without the copyright notices and paragraphing. That does not work. We spend a lot of time and care getting these transcripts in fair shape for smooth reading, so we would prefer that people download the transcripts down from our site, where they are available for free.

Frederico’s hope was that having a compressed data file of the readings by year would be a help to people. Ah well! Not so! I suggested that he think about translating our work into his native tongue. I know he is European, but whether his first language is Italian, Spanish or Portuguese, I am not sure. We like to have translations on site, and already sport some, notably Terry Hsu’s Chinese version of TLOO.

I wrote Roberta, an ardent LOO fan who is 90 now and struggling to keep things together in her life. She recently had some financial trouble, and I wrote to encourage her to keep her courage up. She is an amazing woman who has traveled widely and buried a couple of husbands, and now is barely eking out a living in a trailer in Florida. Her spirit shines through, and her sense of humor.

I began reading Melissa’s comments on the work I have done so far on 101, and wrote her several short notes answering questions she had. I fear Melissa is way too oriented towards more advanced seeking for her comments to be helpful in making the book easier to understand. She feels I am leaving nuances out that people would like to pursue – not realizing that the audience is those who have never pursued anything spiritual, so KISS is the operant protocol. However I greatly enjoyed her comments and the play of her mind.

I also caught up with Michele M, who is working on graphics for 101, Steve M, whom I thanked for comments he made on 101, and Dana Redfield, who had sent me more material for her alphabet book, Mosaics. She just got that finished and off to Hampton Roads. If they publish it, great! If they do not, she would like us to publish the book after she dies. She is presently in the later stages of metastasized cancer, and her life expectancy is down to the last, precious few months of her incarnation now.

Jim came home for lunch weary and happy, for he had finished a huge job! He laid out 128 big bags of mulch for a customer this morning! We enjoyed lunch together and then he went to do chores and address some ivy a customer wants removed from his yard. I came upstairs and spent the afternoon adding and deleting on 101, orange ray. I am still not entirely happy with the section. It plods. I shall attack it again tomorrow. We’re looking for dancing prose here!

Mick and I had a sweet, quiet evening at home with Gary, enjoying conversation, Amy Goodman’s news, dinner and offering the Gaia Meditation. I came upstairs early to spend some extra time in the bathroom, hoping to clear away some cramping which had gotten out of hand. These symptoms continue to be a challenge for me to manage. I feel sure that as I get more used to this illness, IC, I will be much better at managing the discomfort of it.

Jim and I said good night after a good snuggle with the kitties at 11 PM.