Sunday, March 25, 2007


We had a lovely, lazy, sunny and warm Saturday, culminating in a celebratory dinner out as we took Gary out to thank him for work for L/L Research and our little community of three far above and beyond. We went to the Cheesecake Factory! I found a brand new item to adore, their sweet corn tamale fritters, which we had for an appetizer.

We did do a few things before that! After morning Offering, Gary was at the admin desk most of the day, working to lessen the ever-growing pile of e-mail and other work on his desk. Jim worked in the house in the morning and outside in the afternoon, scraping up under the eaves of this old bungalow. We need to paint, and Jim’s getting started on that big job. Fortunately we have a brick home, so no outside maintenance needs doing there, but the outside trim gets shabby after a decade or two.

I divided my day neatly between falling asleep in my chair, which I managed to do twice, editing an L/L Research channeling session from last December and working on discussing the orange ray, writing on The Choice. The session I edited was all about teaching and I enjoyed the advice the Q’uo group gave. I made a good start on discussing orange ray matters, getting just far enough in the writing to discover why I will have to do some more thinking as I proceed! After writing until I got stuck, I worked my way through all my collected quotes again, starting to organize my discussion points better.

When we three got back from our feast, there was some good NCAA play-off action on TV which Jim took in while Gary and I read until time for the Gaia Meditation, after which Gary took off for Valerie’s. She bought him a pillow for his birthday, so now he does not have to go over there carrying one when he sleeps over, which is a step forward in their relationship and in his freedom from public pillow carrying! By such small increments do relationships progress.

Jim and I came upstairs eventually for a good night snuggle and lights-out came around midnight.