Tuesday, March 27, 2007


After Morning Offering Jim set out to work at two lawn jobs, getting them ready for mowing and doing all manner of power seeding and mulching. I edited the transcript of the channeling session we had on March 18th. Gary, Jim and I also took a bit of time around lunch time to send a three-way birthday greeting to our web guy, Ian, who has been so incredibly helpful for so many years.

We enjoyed lunch together and Jim and I did our stretching exercises before he set out for an afternoon of scraping and painting for a customer. I came back upstairs to work on the orange ray section of 101: The Choice. I read through the work from Saturday and then wrote through the section again, becoming more happy with it as the afternoon progressed. I finished the work on this project for the day by regularizing the footnotes for Chapter Four so far, as several of them were missing from my records.

Papa’s letters, which I am currently reading, expressed some fairly urgent concerns, so I took a bit of time to write him and reassure him. And just before Jim called bath time, I managed to work up a couple of new recipes. Jim is very fond of pork chops, and I found a very easy but delicious recipe for baking them with a simple glaze. And I found a new cole slaw recipe which I would like to try for my own food.

I have begun fasting each evening, except for special occasions of course. This seems to be the first idea I have had for self-monitoring my wellness in a while My “Boost” fast was a clunker, as the substance, taken alone over a period of several days, locked my bowels up tight. I also fasted from alcohol for a couple of weeks, to no good effect. The alcohol seems actually to damp down the IC symptoms and I have fewer runs to the bathroom the day after imbibing some spirits. However, the evening fasting seems to have a relatively good effect on the symptoms with no obvious side effects, so I’ll stick with that for a while and see if I can lessen my tummy ache.

After a very refreshing whirlpool, Jim and I came upstairs for a “date” but got delayed by TV problems –our upstairs set was on the fritz. Kitty marauders, no doubt! Gary sprang to the rescue, knowing what was wrong, and got our little world working again. Then we relaxed into the evening and had a lovely romantic tryst, creating wonderful, joyful energy together.

We had a late supper and enjoyed the Gaia Meditation before closing out the day with a discussion between Gary and me about channeling sessions. A devoted reader had cancelled a session because he lost his job and could not pay. He apologized and promised to set up the session again when his finances were secured. Gary wanted to volunteer the session for him for free, feeling sympathy. However the guy had not asked for this service. It may seem cold, and does so to Gary, but one must be very conscious and attentive about offering a service like channeling. It must come directly from a request of information on a specific question. This may seem a small thing, but free will is no small thing!

We had to agree to disagree on that, for now, which we were able to do easily. No household’s members agree on everything! We honor each other with great affection anyway. So we said good night and Jim and I ended our day with a snuggle with the cats before saying good night at 11 PM.