Monday, March 26, 2007


The Sabbath was an incredible day, a day that was more July than March, a day in the high 80s F, a sunny, glorious day indeed. I spent the morning at church, rehearsing and then singing the service. We sang a pretty version of “Wash Me Throughly” and I got a new phrase to use in my daily process from Fr. Joe’s sermon, which was about not getting “stuck on stupid”. We all have that tendency at least in some areas!

I relaxed and enjoyed some basketball with Mick, had lunch and then checked my e-mail. I spent a good deal of early afternoon time working on a letter to a girl friend who is in a difficult position right now. Carmen came over as I finished and we talked about the Papa’s Archive project we are to tackle next Saturday.

Jim and I bathed and welcomed Romi, who came a bit early for meditation so that he could set up to broadcast the channeling session. The channeling was in answer to questions about sexuality, Muhammad the Prophet, bless his name, and the sacredness of spoken letters and vowels. It was a diverse set of questions. I will be interested to edit the transcript.

Romi served his Love Tea and he and I sat and talked for a good deal of time about these broadcasts. The people who tune us in are generally less than a dozen, and for the six-month period of this broadcasting trial, the cost is about $700.00 to reserve a private chat room. It could be that there are better ways for us to serve seekers.

I am thinking about generating, eventually, CD versions of all our sessions to be available on-line for a modest download fee. I know that nothing beats that live experience where no one knows what will happen or what shall be said. That’s why we had this broadcasting trial. But I think it may be that we need to conserve our funds for other uses, in terms of continuing to broadcast after May. We’ll be asking for feedback on that.

I had thought that Jim’s alma mater, the University of Florida, was out of the NCAA play-offs, but I was wrong, which is great news for the Mick! Both UK and UL, the Kentucky teams, were eliminated early on. We watched a bit of b-ball before turning on a program called Planet Earth. It is a beautiful series with breathtaking views of species migration being the focus of this episode.

After the Gaia Meditation and a late supper, we bade farewell to Romi and Carmen and called Mom McCarty. It was a good phone call. She so appreciates the attention, and certainly deserves it. Sometimes I can almost feel her thankfulness that we bother to call and catch up. Her life is small, as she seldom leaves the house except to go to church or secure food and necessities. Our Sunday call is a big item in her week.

I was delighted that Mom took me up on my offer to get her an outfit for her coffin when she dies. At 89 and counting, her mind is on such preparations for the inevitable, and Jim’s and my discussion, while we were visiting Mom last month, of our own preparations for the event of our deaths prompted her to voice concerns over what she might wear in the open casket at her funeral. She did not think any of her current clothing worked.

I found a really sweet pink suit in a clothing catalog where the jacket has a tailor’s detail at the neckline that will look stunning on her. I shall order it tomorrow. It may seem ghoulish to think of such things, but it is a relief to her to have the outfit on hand. She has always been extremely fastidious about her appearance. I promised her I would see to it that her regular hairdresser did her hair and that she looked her absolute best. She also gave me a list of hymns she likes, for that same solemn occasion.

As for me, when I die I will be cremated, so I have no wardrobe worries at all!

Mick and I hung out with the kitties in an atmosphere of great contentment after the call and said good night around midnight.