Thursday, March 29, 2007

2007-03-27 and 28

I awoke yesterday and tried to write the Camelot Journal entry for the previous day. However, for some reason Bell South decided today that I should use their home page as my own. I went through the procedure for choosing my home page – again – but I had lost the time in which I generally write the entry. And I never got back to it all day. So this entry tells the story of a couple of days.

Tuesday morning, after Morning Offering, was dedicated mostly to a long planning session with Gary, who probably had a dozen matters to work through with me. He’s on the front line at the L/L Research helm and fields all kinds of questions. We had a good time chewing through it all. Jim managed to complete his tasks also before weather came through around lunch time.

In the afternoon, I worked on the orange-ray discussion in 101: The Choice. Jim arrived home and drew us a lovely bath, after which we visited with Romi and had a good Gaia Meditation before we watched an episode of “House” together.

This morning, it being a Wednesday, I spent the morning writing my weekly article for UPI. After Morning Offering, Jim was again dodging raindrops and attempting to work at lawn clean-up jobs. He just got a substantial extra job from one of his customers, which means that even though he’s not mowing yet, he is now officially full-time again. The off-season is over. I will miss him!!

We met for lunch and then he was off and running to power-seed and mulch while I again worked on orange ray. I believe I am closing in on the final writing on this part of the topic, which deals with a person’s relationship with himself, but shall need to read through again tomorrow to be sure.

Ian sent good news about site statistics. Apparently the number of people who access our site per month is over 300,000 now. This number has been increasing slowly but steadily since the beginning of the site twelve or more years ago. It is good to see that people find our material useful!

Ian had forwarded me a note from a gentleman in Turkey who wanted to know if believing we are one with God is pantheistic. I wrote to the gentleman suggested he figure it out for himself. We have thousands of words on the site for him on this very topic! The Confederation point of view is available. And it does not need my defense. I told him, “Happy Hunting”!

Before I quit for the day, I collected a recipe for asparagus with dill aioli and added it to our recipes database. Jim and Gary both adore that veggie, so I keep my eye out for good a-spear-a-gus recipes. I finished my work day off by writing notes of thanks to three people who had written in to comment favorably on my UPI article on “Living Well”.

After Jim’s and my bath I went to choir practice, where I enjoyed singing some lovely music which we shall trot out for the various services of Holy Week. I got home in time for the Gaia Meditation and shared some conversation with Mick and Gary before heading upstairs to bed.

Everything is bursting at once now – tulips are joining the daffodils, while the redbuds and dogwoods are now in bud. The trees are just faintly beginning to swell into bud as well. I’d say the peak of spring color will be this next week or so. It is ineffably lovely here in Kentucky when the spring begins to set in. I have never lived in as pretty a place as right here. It truly lifts the heart and soul to see such beauty.