Sunday, April 01, 2007


Rain was still lurking in the folds of the morning as I got the paper and showers continued fitfully all day. After Morning Offering Mick got a turkey ready to bake and then set off on a round of errands while I worked on Judy R’s comments on the Aaron/Q’uo material. Ian had removed her comments from the copies of the A/Q sessions he sent me, so I retrieved the comments from Judy herself, as all of her comments are useful. I spent most of the morning hours on Judy’s comment about searching for a reference from Rumi which Barbara had used in her co-channeling. I had just given up the search and was writing my Rumi expert, Pupak H-B, to ask for help when Mick came bustling in with our fast food goodies for lunch.

After lunch and a good stretch, Mick went outside to scrape our eaves in preparation for painting them. What a tough job! He spent a vigorous afternoon and got all the rest of the “easy” part done. Now he has only the tallest part of the eaves on the north and south sides of the bungalow left to scrape.

Meanwhile Carmen came over to volunteer her time and energy and she and I tackled Papa’s archive. Some of the archive’s media drawers – the audio-cassette and video-cassette drawers – were in good shape, as I had straightened them after I had listened to the material. However, Papa switched media on me and began sending CDs for me to study two years or so ago. It was those 16 drawers that were in bad shape, as I had rifled through the CDs several times making sure I had heard them all. As well, the hard copies of his letters were not properly filed for the last year or so. With illness limiting my energies, I had fallen down on that job!

By evening Carmen and I had all the written letters filed and all the CDs and DVDs organized, put in media drawers and labeled. Speakers’ CDs are sorted alphabetically and topical programs are in chronological order. My librarian persona is pumping air and going “YES”!

Working with the material, I am astounded all over again at Papa’s generosity in taking the time to teach me. He has sent me hundreds of teaching tapes and CDs over the years as well as volumes of letters. Thank you, Papa! I have learned much from thee.

Jim and I spent our evening watching basketball. Papa roots for UCLA and I hoped the Bruins would win, but no. Sorry, Papa. I was also disappointed that Georgetown did not win, as I have liked the Hoyas for a long time. Back in the 80s, Jim and I were walking along at a local mall and met John Thompson Sr. and Patrick Ewing Sr. along with several team-mates walking the other way. They were in town for the playoffs, which were being held here that year. Talk about an impressive group of men! We felt as though we had happened upon another species. They were like giants compared to our small, Celtic frames! Thompson seemed to me at that time to personify dignity and honor in sports and his teams were fun to watch. Sadly, tonight the Hoyas, under his son’s coaching and with Patrick Jr. in the game, lost to a better team. However they did have by far the better looking uniforms.

We offered the Gaia Meditation at 9 PM and bade each other a fond good night at midnight, sorry to see our day end. As Elton John noted so poetically, Saturday night’s all right!