Saturday, March 31, 2007


Rain awoke me at dawn, a gentle pitter-pat that soon died away to leave a mild, cloudy day for us to enjoy. Suddenly the tiniest tinge of celery-green has touched the branches of our big maple tree in the front yard. The dogwoods and redbuds are blooming. It’s a wonderful day in the southern part of heaven.

I had goosed my UPI editor – not literally, merely an e-mail note - because for the sixth straight week, my article got lost and I had to ask him where it was. After so many glitches it is easy to lose confidence that you are wanted! The note prompted Larry to call me and assure me that they love my work. It’s just getting balled up for some unknown reason. Larry gets my e-mail, but Renee, the assistant and apparently the one who initiates editing, does not. Larry suggested writing my articles a day ahead, on Tuesdays, and asking for confirmation. That way, they have a day to fix the glitch, as the articles air on Wednesday. I told him I could do that!

Gary had transcribed last Sunday’s channeling session, so I edited that after Morning Offering while Jim set out for a day of very hard work, clearing storm debris in the morning and tearing ivy out of the ground in the afternoon. One of his customers wants a focus garden instead. And we know about clearing ivy!!! Gadzooks, that’s stubborn stuff. I did not get to have lunch with him as he was on the go all day.

Late in the morning I took a bit of time to answer Barbara Brodsky’s note. She and Aaron had done the needed abridging of a particularly long story in a co-channeling I was editing and I checked through it all to be sure it was a good cut, which it was. I had sent her the finished product. She wrote to thank me for the job.

She also asked about my health. A lot of folks are writing in asking about that. I assure everyone that although I am thoroughly uncomfortable, I am in no way seriously ill! I have a good many symptoms with which to deal. Some of them have me in diapers and dashing off to the bathroom at odd moments and others have me feeling ill, nauseated or just plain achy with nerve pain. None of it amounts to any life-threatening condition. All is well!

After eating not the LAST of the leftovers from our trip to the Cheesecake Factory last Saturday, but the NEXT-to-last serving for my lunch – I have gotten five meals out of that restaurant trip – I came upstairs to tackle the orange-ray discussion of one’s relationship with oneself. Finally the section stopped slipping around and settled into a good, flowing story. I was so pleased! By evening, I had read it through to my total satisfaction and finalized it. Tomorrow I’ll read it through one more time, for in reading it to Jim, I noticed a couple of copy errors. But after that I shall be ready to start writing on the big Kahuna subject, our relationships with other-selves in orange-ray.

May I say, hoo boy. Can I do it? Hoo ah. Will it be fun? Boy howdy!

Mick got home utterly exhausted, almost fell asleep in the bath and we retired to my room, where we both napped gloriously, awakening to Jim’s rising romantic interest and a lovely tryst before we got organized for dinner. We had missed the Gaia Meditation hour in our unplanned date, so we offered that before having a late supper, or in my case, a beverage and a handful of nuts. I am fasting from dinner these days.

We found Syriana on the TV and enjoyed most of it – time out for snoozing again – before saying good night around midnight.