Tuesday, April 10, 2007


It was 28 F when I arose! We are starting to see blackened leaf buds and bitten dogwood blooms from this extended cold spell. The locals call it “linen britches” weather. The tulips are struggling but are still alive. And we set a record here in Louisville for the lowest temperature on this date ever. Knowing that we are all interconnected around this globe, my suspicion is that we are getting the deep freeze while some other areas balance us out by raging with unwonted heat.

After Morning Offering, Jim layered himself with warm clothing aplenty and set out for a very full day of mowing and winter debris control. I found a note from Paul C in my Inbox with Don’s speech on the spiritual significance of UFOs transcribed, attached in rough draft form, so I decided to spend the day working on editing that. I spent the morning writing a beginning commentary for his talk and in the afternoon I edited through about two thirds of the text. There were many blanks to fill in and footnotes to place in the work to explain Don’s comments so the work was slow. It was good to “listen” to that speech again. He gave it just four months into the Ra contact. He’s such a good speaker!

I met briefly with Gary and we set up a channeling session for this Thursday night. Terry H has asked questions on everything from the time lateral the Q’uo have mentioned in previous sessions to ways to build faith. It should be an interesting session.

Jim’s and my evening was quiet and pleasant. We took in Democracy Now and then relaxed into a block of Star Trek Enterprise for the evening. Democracy Now was in fund-raising mode and featured a two-hour presentation of an interview with Dave Zirin, author of The Muhammad Ali Handbook. Ali is Louisville’s own and I have long been a fan, not of boxing or his boxing, respecting his excellence at that brutal and savage sport, but of his very tough stand on not fighting the Viet Namese, back in the day when men of color who had some success in sports kept their heads down and their mouths shut. Zirin was very good at bringing out the solid strength of Ali’s point of view.

Gary joined us for supper and the Gaia Meditation. Jim offered the closing prayer, a most eloquent one tonight. We said good night to Gary thereafter and to each other around 11 PM.