Thursday, April 05, 2007


The night had gotten icy cold and after Morning Offering Jim went off to mow bundled up for a wind chill factor of about 25. Meanwhile I came upstairs to continue my farcical attempts to use poor Traveller. My hard-working, much traveled laptop is biting the dust. I have really appreciated this great machine and I guess I wore it out! My working life is spent engaged with creating, editing and corresponding on it. Not to mention playing solitaire!

Bless their kind hearts, Romi and Gary came to my rescue and got me a replacement laptop this evening. A donor had just sent in a thousand dollars saying, "I hope this helps." Well, boy howdy! It certainly and specifically has helped! One hard-rocking chorus of "Rescue Me".

I look forward to getting everything installed on the new laptop, which I have dubbed Traveller Too, and getting back to writing creative projects and also doing the editing of my older work, which I count as creative work in its way, part of bringing my babies to full birth. I have several older creative works which are not yet completely edited by me. Anyway, I am not putting anything on this machine which I would mind losing! Fortunately, these Camelot Journal entries can be recovered from blogger in case I lose the material here.

Romi feels we should uninstall the Vista program which comes with Trav Too, and install XP Pro. We all use XP in this house network. He will also replace our present router to take advantage of aspects of this computer that the others do not have.

My internal health situation was unusually severe today, and as a result I went very slowly. A couple of times, I napped. But I did work some, responding to Ian’s request. He is bringing his computer back on line after a mishap involving this same Vista program, which swore with his machine badly. He asked for a re-send of the last month or so of my letters to him, and I was so pleased that my software lets me go into my Sent folder and use the “Forward” feature. It made the job easy, if long. I had a good deal to send, as we talk a lot, naturally.

I also found a Sunday channeling session missing, which his computer had eaten as it lay dying, and sent that on to him. Our site was fully backed up, Ian said, so all is well. And that was good to hear. Go, prudent web guy! But I am thrilled for him that he was able to resuscitate his beloved Apple.

I spent most of the rest of the working day on snail mail. I can use the computer for that as these are not letters of counsel. They are letters to my girlfriends, friends from L/L and relatives. I doubt they are worth keeping in terms of their metaphysical value to seekers, which is what I am interested in preserving of my own work.

I wrote long letters to Connie M and to Dana R. it felt great to have this luxury of spending real time with these two wonderful beings whom I am honored to call friend. What energy they both have! Angels on Earth, both of them.

Then I sorted through the four inches or so of remaining letters, putting them in alphabetical order so that I knew what I had. The cats all wanted to help with that, so I had a merry time of it! It felt great to get a handle on the snail-mail job as a whole. I am hoping I can catch this up while Romi is creating the time to come over and help me with getting the transfer to TravToo made. Then I can say I lost no time! Which is kinda neat.

I checked my e-mail at end of day before retiring to the bath and found that Larry M had not yet published my article for this week. I had gotten it in to them a day early, so I was especially puzzled. Interestingly enough, every single article I have written in this Dignity series has balled up in the sending, either not being received at all or being received corrupted initially. I know my poor Traveller is in his last throes, but still, that is one heck of a coincidence. Nothing else from Trav has balled up in the sending during this time except anything to do with writing on 101. I have beaucoup glitches with that always! I feel sure some negative non-incarnated pests are taking potshots at all light-intended projects and the people with the will to pursue them. And computers are easy targets.

I sent Larry a query on that missing article before descending to the evening ahead.

It was a pleasant evening, if a still distinctly uncomfortable one physically. After a good whirlpool, I was off to choir practice. I was sorely tempted not to attend, but in general it’s better to suffer and rehearse than to coddle the body and then be unprepared singing the lovely and demanding music for 4 services before the end of the weekend. We’re doing a pilgrim-era American anthem.It is sung a capella and has a forthright sturdiness missing in most Anglican pieces. Also on deck is the Thompson Alleluia, among other pieces, for Easter Day, and some lovely, very contemplative things for the Thursday and Friday services. Ubi Caritas and Tantum Ergo come to mind.

Jim had kindly rented a copy of the film, Casablanca, as I have been wanting to see it again for a while now. He, Gary and I sat down to it when I got back from rehearsal, and as they ate their dinner we had a lovely late evening immersed in that fine story, those elegant clothes, that witty script, the carefully nuanced production and the stunning stage presence and ensemble skills of Bogart, Bergman and company. Yum.

We paused during the movie to offer the Gaia Meditation, with me praying at the end.

We tumbled into bed almost directly after the movie, saying good night about 11:30.