Monday, April 09, 2007


Easter Day dawned sunny and frosty. I abandoned all plans for a springlike Easter Day appearance and dressed warmly for going to St. Luke’s. I also packed three diapers since I would be at church during the most intense daily period for laps to the john. Blessedly, I made it every time without incident and without having to walk out during a service.

I enjoy doing the extra chancel work on Easter Day, as it makes the occasion more real to me. I have good memories from childhood of Easter Sunrise services sung by a very sleepy choir, waking up to the Good News. This morning we sang the Billings Easter Anthem at both services. And I learned a hymn to which I have often heard references, “He Lives”. It’s a stodgy tune, but it has a wonderful chorus and a great hook in the sixth compassed between He and Lives. It gives the words the kind of surge you feel in the theme song to Love Story.

It was terrific to have completed a good Holy Week. I did miss one noon service due to being stuck in the bathroom when it was time to leave for it, but other than that, it felt very cleansing and strengthening to spend the extra time in confession, penitence, silence, prayer and ritual. Jesus the Christ is my perfect subject for meditation as He plays out His passion play during the readings on these days.

Jim and I had a good lunch after I finally returned from church. We stretched and bathed. Then he watched Tiger battle the golf course - along with everyone in the prestigious company, of course, but Jim was watching Tiger – while I checked my e-mail and played a little solitaire. We bathed and greeted our guests, Romi and Carmen. Romi set up for the channeling broadcast while Carmen took a bit of volunteer time to work on the poetry database for my poems and songs.

We gathered at 4 PM for the public meeting, had a good talk around the circle and chose a question for the session. It was from Dana R, who has experienced strange time distortions lately and wondered what that was. I imagine it will be an interesting session. It felt very choppy to me – but then it always does. I get little or nothing out of the sessions which I channel during the actual collection of the material. I always look forward to editing the transcript and discovering what the Q’uo principle said.

The rest of my day was pretty relaxed. Romi and I did order the ThinkPad, but other than that it was time for conversation, Romi’s Love Tea and then supper and episodes of Planet Earth until the Gaia Meditation. After that our guests said good night. Jim called his Mom and Gary, Jim and I bade each other sweet dreams around 10 PM. After a most pleasant bedtime snuggle with the cats, Jim and I hit the sack around 11:30.