Friday, April 06, 2007


We were in the deep freeze today! After Morning Offering, Jim headed out to mow in 22 degrees – with the wind chill from a 10 mph breeze plus the draft from the mower’s moving forward, Jim was probably experiencing a 10-degree day. Brrrrrr! But the grass grows, so Jim mows!

I worked on e-mail and snail mail, back and forth, all day. It feels great to be knocking out some of the backlog, and were it not for this unplanned hiatus in the creative work, I would never have gotten to it.

Tobey W wrote with exciting news. He has been re-listening to the original Ra session tapes, checking for accuracy. He come quite a ways through the sessions now, and is continuing to pursue the listening as he has time to volunteer. The Wiki database he has created was on a site we have closed and Tobey rescued the work and set it up independently. If you wish to look at his work, his work is at It is a good resource for the scholar.

It is to be noted that no listener gets every error! Terry H recently wrote to say that he could not understand why my unworldliness would tend to dim my indigo ray. That sentiment was in a sentence Tobey had found that Jim missed typing back when he first transcribed the sessions. Well, it makes no sense that way, but if you substitute the word, unworthiness, then it makes perfect sense.

My cousin Carlos is working on the Rueckert family tree, which pleases me greatly. I am not particularly interested in tracing my roots, but my Aunt K – now deceased – was, and she did a lot of work on the Rueckerts of America and back into northern Germany. Finally the information she so carefully gathered will be appreciated. I’ll bundle K’s material up and sent it to him.

All three of us – Karlynn, Carla and Carlos – are named after the same man, K’s Dad and Carlos’s and my Grandfather, Carl Theodore Rueckert. I barely escaped being Carla Theodora, my Pop’s choice, by Mum’s having a favorite relative, her Aunt Lisbeth Roubaud. I was named after her and I do love that name, though no one ever calls me that except my sweet husband.

I felt much better today, a relief after such a rugged day yesterday. Jim was able to join me for lunch, which is a rare treat in mowing season. Then after the afternoon’s work, we bathed together and relaxed until time for Maundy Thursday service. I sang for that service, and when I returned I found that Roman had come over. We had our supper together while I started reading a book Vara L had given me for my birthday, a biography of Lance Armstrong. I am enjoying it and recommend it.

After the Gaia Meditation, Romi and I sat down with Trav2. I will need to get used to its design, for it has interiorized the numbers within the letter keys. There is no keypad for numbers only. This, I suppose, enabled the machine to have larger keys and renders it easier to type on, although I am sure I will have a learning curve until my muscle memory kicks in, learning where the numbers are.

Romi and I talked about the installation process. He does not like teaching me anything because I have a tendency to break out of his careful, slow process and do things he has not requested. I do not mean to be a poor student, but I am. My mind races forward, I get distracted by an inner question and before I know it, I have stopped listening to Romi, regardless of the fact that I know nothing! He and I made a pact that if I inadvertently did that during the installation, he would say, “Carla, stop!” He was relieved to get a code he could use to get my attention before I drive him nuts!

Jim and I ended the day in our usual sweet snuggle with the kitties.