Saturday, April 07, 2007


Frost was on the grass when I went out for the newspaper this morning, and the day stayed cold, starting around 20 F and rising only to about 40 by late afternoon. After Morning Offering Jim recruited Gary, as is their Friday habit. Since so many people want their lawns cut on Friday. Jim asks Gary to be his right hand man on Fridays. Gary’s aid speeds up the mowing/trimming/weeding/blowing process and they do good work together very quickly on Fridays, making Anchorage beautiful one yard at a time.

I enjoyed the day. Although I am temporarily not writing creatively on this computer, I can still compose letters and I spent the day doing just that, reducing my snail mail pile by quite a good bit! Compared to creative work, this sort of work is like a vacation! And it is super to see my backlog disappear. I hope I can catch up completely by the time Romi and I have the new machine ready to go.

I also did just a bit of e-mail, writing to Ba and to Judy about the Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues. The energy between us three is just astonishing. It is such a pleasure and a privilege to work with them and get this A/Q text edited. It needs to be Out There!!! It is very helpful material.

The guys came home a bit before 2 PM and we all had a good lunch together. Gary made Jim and himself some very righteous wraps with all sorts of goodies in them, while I enjoyed Gary’s homemade quiche and slaw. It can safely be said that Gary is now the best cook in the house.

Aches and pains aplenty made me feel right in synch with its being Good Friday! However I soldiered through in much joy and peace and after bathing, went to St. Luke’s to offer my Good Friday oblation. We sang some lovely music, notably “Bow Thine Ear”. The service was splendid, a new creation of a British vicar who created a “Songs and Carols” sort of service, with readings, hymns and choir anthems all mixed in with prayers, versicles and responses. All parts of the service were knitted together by silence, far more so than is usual for services in the Anglican Church. I loved it! Seldom have I enjoyed or been uplifted by a church service more than tonight.

Romi visited for dinner and the Gaia Meditation and we agreed to begin the work on Trav2 tomorrow afternoon. After a most enjoyable evening of conversation and some TV, we all said good night about 10:30 and Jim and I called it quits around midnight.