Wednesday, April 11, 2007

We began the day at freezing temperatures, 32 F, but by mid-afternoon we had come back into more seasonable weather – 50 and cloudy. After Morning Offering Mick headed out to accomplish a large, almost day-long job, clearing and trimming up a 200-year-old farmhouse with its immediate few acres of yard, plus doing some repairs to the building and grounds there.

I came upstairs and tackled the writing of this week’s UPI article. I have had to begin writing it on Tuesday, even though my deadline is Wednesday noon, because they have had incredible trouble receiving my sends. Here’s hoping it worked this time. I checked and as far as my sent folder knows, the article got there OK.

I wrote about our Refinery of Souls today. Worthy is the Earth!

Gary was kind enough to bring me back some burgers from White Castle. These “belly burners” do a good job of clearing away any sort of blockage in the GI tract and I was most grateful for the help.

I came back upstairs and tackled the speech Don gave in 1981, The Spiritual Significance of UFOs, which we have previously sold as an audio product but which had never been transcribed. Now we are attempting to get on line all of our offerings, so that if people cannot afford their own home copies, they can at least use the material on line. There were a few DOZEN places where the volunteer had been unable to hear, and I worked all afternoon tracking down references and getting the text smoothed out. By the time Mick came home and announced that our bath was ready, I had finished the editing and sent the work to our web guy.

Mick and I had a romantic time together and a short nap before coming downstairs to greet Gary and Romi and have a communal meal. Gary was getting ready to baby-sit his girlfriend’s young daughter for the first time ever and was apprehensive. I assured him that in cases of emergency, he could always send her to her room. In the event, I am sure all went well. Ocean is a lovely young lady, spoiled but reasonable. Par for the course these days.

Gary left for Valerie’s after the Gaia Meditation, at which Romi offered the closing prayer. Ro, Mick and I watched an episode of House together before we all called it a night. We bade good night to the Ro Man and came upstairs for a bedtime snuggle with the kitties before turning out the lights around 11 PM.