Sunday, April 15, 2007


It was a rainy old Saturday. Fortunately both Jim and I were either working inside or doing errands in a nice, dry auto, so we could enjoy the gentle sound of the fitful rainfall and the occasional startling flash of blue sky.

After Morning Offering Jim worked on his landscaping project, coming home from a tour of wholesale nurseries in the area with some beautiful things to plant for his customer. Meanwhile I spent the morning working to finish the article I was writing for the Noyes Rhythm Foundation Newsletter. That is a dancing camp and I am the third generation dancer to attend there, having gone there from age five to the end of high school every summer.

The part I had left to write was about me and Noyes. It was great fun harking back to those olden, golden summer days under a Connecticut sun, dancing in a tunic and bare feet on the sprung board floor of the Pavilon and out into the soft grass of the greensward surrounding it. The Pavilon was situated in a large clearing with woods all around; a perfectly beautiful place to be, to hear the classical music accompanying the dance and to move in rhythm with the whole creation.

Romi joined Gary, downstairs at the L/L admin helm, and me at mid-morning for the purpose of installing a new router for our home network system. Jim brought back lunch for us all when he returned from his errands and we sat and enjoyed a conversation and some good fast food. Jim and I stretched and then I was off to have a manicure and pedicure. I treat myself to one every sixth week, when my toenails are ready to be groomed. I can no longer do that for myself well at all. My hands are too weak and my toenails too strong.

I sent Gary the database of my MacDuffie classmates which Sara B had sent me last fall, because I wish to create a MacDuffie mailing list from which I can print labels. I got a poor rate of reply from the last batch of letters I sent out via the school and I think it was because the letters came in a MacDuffie envelope. Alumnae get inured to begging letters and a lot of people probably just tossed my little note. So I shall use my own envelopes this time. I want to get a letter out asking for updates from my classmates so that I can write a good report for them all in June. Gary will type those names into the mailing list for me, which will make my job ever so much easier. I am class captain for our class of ’61 and my goal is to keep a sense of community growing until our 50th reunion, which will be in 2011. I’d love to have a big and happy turnout for that significant occasion! Visualize it and it will happen!

Jim and I watched a film Gary had recommended, Stranger Than Fiction, starring Will Farrell as a man who starts hearing a voice in his head as someone writes his life story. It was a sweet film and a very good way to celebrate Saturday night. We ate supper during the film and paused it for offering the Gaia Meditation. Jim prayed at the end.

Then I read more of Papa’s letters while Mick cleaned the kitchen. I only have one large letter to go now in order to catch up to his output. Papa is a prolific teacher and a funny man, tossing off really tasty puns at the most unexpected moments. I adore puns. And I love to take in Papa's teaching, which is very helpful

Jim and I said good night around midnight after a happy snuggle with the kitties.