Friday, April 13, 2007


In the midst of moody weather, overcast, close to freezing and with a following wind of 25 to 30 miles an hour, Jim and I made our Morning Offering. Jim dealt with his customers for the day, for the most part discovering that their grass had not grown enough to mow and doing what gardening he found to do at each place, while I continued on my round of clearing away ancient stacks of mail and notes to myself.

My first chore was to track down an order from which had gone awry. It’s a small bit of business, but aggravating! I had ordered a nail brush, which item Mick uses religiously to keep his hard-working hands in a decent state of cleanliness every day. His old one is about worn through. In order to get free shipping on the nail brush I clicked on their clearance items and ordered enough skin lotion to make up the amount I needed to spend. I slather gallons of the stuff on my dry, dry skin so I can always use more lotion. When the package arrived from, however, it had everything in it except the nail brush. I sent an inquiry letter to them.

It was recipe-gathering day, and Jim had chosen some recipes before he left to mow. As is my custom, I took the recipes which he chose for the first time from my database, which were not yet in our usual format or edited to get the right number of servings and healthy ingredients, and corrected the recipes, also finding a nice pineapple curried rice dish to add – Jim had simply requested Gary to fix rice however he saw fit. I am always educating Chef Gary, encouraging him to try new combinations. At this point he is a better cook than I ever was! But my life experience is richer in having tried more international recipes.

Ian had written to say that he was ready to finish the covers on the Book of Days at last, so I wrote a hopefully persuasive e-mail to Bishop Gulick, asking him for his review so I can put his blurb on the back cover along with Fr. Joe’s. It appeals to me to have my parish priest and my Bishop commenting on this group of channelings from the Holy Spirit. I think it makes a good finish for the back cover to have their quotes there.

My last project before lunch was to write Steve T, who is the best channeling student I have ever had besides Mick. For a long time, he firmly intended to move to Louisville when he had retired from teaching and pursue his study of the art of channeling with our circle. I had geared my own timing on offering a new channeling circle to his schedule.

His schedule has changed. And for a wonderful reason – new love and a new bride have generated those changes. Gary and I have talked a bit about how to create this channeling circle and I realized I really needed to know where he was on attending such a channeling circle periodically for intensive work. So I wrote to ask him.

Jim and I shared lunch together and then he worked to clear his e-mail while I wrote one more letter, thanking Janusz K for his beautiful CD, which he calls “trancepiano”. It is a meditative piano suite, a very beautiful and most articulate long piece. I wish he had a web site to which I could refer you, but he does not. So we are most pleased and privileged to have a copy of his CD for our Library.

Then it was time to meet again with our architect, Gary W. We loved what he had done in fleshing out our previous discussions and offering precise blueprints. We added a toilet to the mud room, since often the guys will come in for a quick whiz while doing yard work, and it’s nice to have a place they can visit for which they do not have to clean their shoes or hands. We also requested an outside door to Gary B’s bedroom and bath so that he can enjoy more privacy as he comes and goes. It was a good meeting. We told Gary W about the delay we expect in starting the actual construction, because it will take us more time to save up for paying for this house, and he was fine with that.

Our taxes had come via messenger from the tax preparer, a thick envelope with all the needed forms for the household and Jim’s Lawn Service. We signed everything and then made a quick appointment with Debbie R at Glenview Trust and traveled over there so that we could drop off the forms which needed to be sent in with money attached. they will take that money directly from the trust which Don left me. It is glorious to have that detail taken care of for another year. Why it should be so hard to give the government money I don’t know, but it’s a hassle every year!

L/L Research’s taxes are not due until May 15th, so our preparer will finish those during the next month. We are non-profit and never owe money, but it is important to keep a good reporting record with the IRS in order to maintain that charitable status.

Jim and I enjoyed a good whirlpool and I took a nap while Mick watched Democracy Now. I was getting ready for the channeling session which Terry H had requested. Romi came over for that, so I tuned up and we had a good group indeed, with Romi, Jim and Gary sitting for the session. I shall be interested to edit the session, as the questions were interesting.

Romi stayed for dinner, working with all three office computers to back up their contents and otherwise maintain them. We all shared the Gaia Meditation after enjoying the antics of Steve Colbert together. After that the party broke up. We bade Gary and Ro a good night and came upstairs, turning off the lights at 11 PM.