Tuesday, April 17, 2007


A bright morning greeted us today, a welcome change from the brisk, chilly days of late. It was still quite cool, in the high 40s most of the day, but the sunshine warms up the heart.

After Morning Offering Jim set off for an extremely full day of mowing. I fiddled with my failing computer, trying and not succeeding in getting on line and publishing my Camelot Journal entry for yesterday before it was time to go see the Johnsons, husband and wife. Dr. Steve, an osteopath, had prescribed seven sessions of homeopathic injections, in a technique developed by Rudolf Steiner, along the Chinese meridians to help heart and vascular and to help the bladder and GI tract. He wanted these done weekly along with a companion cranial-sacral therapy treatment, which his wife, Liz, does. I will go each Monday for seven weeks. The hope is that this will reset my body's balance and relieve all the myriad of symptoms which i have experienced of late.

Liz, the cranial-sacral therapist, is a most generous care-giver, working far past her allotted time with me simply because she felt that the energy with which she works wanted her to do so. She is psychic and was able to channel through to me a proof that I feel sure Dana R sent me to let me know she had made it OK to Paradise.

Liz told me there was a bright being, a particular person, not just an energy, visiting me. She asked me to tune in, which I could do only slightly as I was not properly tuned. What I received in what I considered to be a safe way was that this was a positive and angelic spirit who vibrated to the name of Jesus the Christ.

Then Liz began getting an image. It was of two pyramids balanced on their points in a sort of hour-glass formation. Gradually she saw that the point where the two triangles met at their points was a point of balance between all male and female energies. And then she saw that a cross was centered at that point of balance.

Dana was, as am I, a mystical Christian. We used to e-mail each other the single word, Jesus, on Christmas Eve.

Further in evidence is the fact that Jim and I do the Banishing Ritual of the Lesser Pentagram each morning as a systematic, daily cleansing of our home’s metaphysical atmosphere. A major image within that ritual is the Star of David, which is the two pyramid or triangle shapes superimposed, one upon the other, making a Star of David shape. That image symbolizes the nature of our third-density time/space, our metaphysical environment while in incarnation here, in the High Magic of the Western occult tradition. Taking the two triangles apart and balancing them on each other with a cross to mark the joining is fairly clear code for Dana’s life here ending and for her ascension to larger life via the cross.

These things are very subjective. However, I believe she communicated with me to let me know she is fine. I am very thankful for her thoughtfulness.

The therapeutic session went well. I could not feel much effect, consciously, from her work, but it felt good. It felt a lot like the Reiki sessions Connie M, Jill S and Nancy G have given me. The injections were done along my spine, where the meridians are, and were nearly painless.

I scooted to the local Mickey Dee’s for a bite to eat after finishing at 21st Century medicine and then shopped at Value City, which was quite handy, just across Eastern Boulevard, for needed things, mainly a computer tote. My old computer bag for airplane travel is no longer a shape allowed on the airplane. They gate-check the bag and then I have no computer or other books and things to enjoy during air travel. Plus, my old purse, a faithful friend for many years, is an ergonomic teardrop shape which does not hold a diaper without squashing it. These days, diapers are a constant carry-along for my life. I must have looked at 1,000 bags and looked carefully at two dozen totes. The last bag I picked up was their one and only computer tote. And I got that beauty for very little, about 1/10th what I would have spent to get the same amenities in a tote bag retail on-line.

I also found a peasant skirt and a couple of larger pairs of jeans. No matter how lightly I eat, or even if I fast, my body seems to want to accumulate weight. Most of my other jeans are now too small. I am not thrilled to accommodate this weight gain and make it official with new clothes. However practicality wins out here. I would rather be comfortable than be a size 6!

And to make the hunt even better, I found some really nice collections of bath goods for gifts marked down about 80% from retail, so my birthday box material is growing!

I came home amid only light traffic, an easy drive over what can be a horribly crowded bridge, and addressed a bit of e-mail, having finally gotten on line in the late afternoon. Mostly, I dealt with notes from our web guy, catching up on all sorts of things.

Then too, I wrote Sydney S agreeing to meet tomorrow for lunch.

I wrote Elihu E thanking him for an excellent article he had written on prejudice, in the wake of the Rutgers incident. I believe that in fact Imus’ ignorant and rude remarks would have gone unnoticed if he had been black. His crucial sin was that of pride, in believing that he was so universally liked that he could talk “black” while not being black. If he had just said the Rutgers team members were ugly in a honky kind of way, saying “Get a load of the face on those jobs,” or some similar red-neck thrust at rough humor, and had avoided the racial slang, the stupidity and discourtesy of his use of offensive language to get a cheap laugh would never have been noticed. Black rappers and hip hop artists use exactly the same vocabulary as did Imus, but the media let that ride, as being a "black thing". It’s a goofy old world. I think I will write an article on words of power one of these days, after I finish up this dignity series for UPI.

I called Gray Towers Florists and asked them to send flowers to Dana’s parents from Jim, Romi and me and organized a sympathy card for Jim to sign when he got home, and then greeted him as he came in, weary as he could be. He drew a bath and we enjoyed a quiet evening after that. He was home too late for us to catch Democracy Now, but we lucked into a block of Star Trek Enterprise and saw several episodes which we had missed the first time around.

Gary offered the closing prayer at the Gaia Meditation. Jim and I said good night to him and came upstairs for a final snuggle before our own bed time at 11 PM.