Thursday, April 19, 2007


What a lovely day greeted us as we made our Morning Offering. Jim sailed off on his round of mowing and landscaping while I wrote the UPI article for this week, ending the series of ten columns on the subject of dignity and worth. It felt good to be able to draw that series to a hopefully good ending.

That just about covers my good work for L/L Research today. After lunch I fell asleep in my chair. Gary woke me almost immediately as he had some items to run by me, and I thanked him as I wanted to get some work done! But sleep claimed me again almost instantly, for I remember nothing until being awakened by Jim’s homecoming, as he ran bath water and talked with Gary downstairs.

I offered the prayer at the end of the Gaia Meditation. We enjoyed supper together and eventually a snuggle with the kitties before snoozing around 11 PM.