Sunday, April 22, 2007


What a delightful Saturday! After Morning Offering Jim went to pick up his repaired mower and do other errands. I enjoyed the sensation of being completely alone in the house. There is a special quality about the energy in the house when you are alone. I love that feeling!

I made rough weather of getting Mom’s suit packed to send to her. Supplies had vanished – I suppose in the Christmas rush of three families wrapping their presents here. No tape. No proper scissors. No pen. No packing tape. I kept discovering these things one thing at a time, and got myself so worn out clomping up and down the stairs that when I realized I needed to come up to my office and get a card, by the time I got up here I was winded enough to sit, JUST sit, for while and catch my breath. That was where I was when Jim blew in, full of good energy and our Saturday fast food treat.

We had our lunch and stretching together and then Jim went into our yard to plant a good deal of phlox we had ordered. We used to plant “Wuthering Heights”, a rock garden Jim built in our front yard, in impatiens. However our weather has changed. Now, the annuals burn. It has gotten too hot in the front yard for them. So we are switching to perennials for all the sections. It should be gorgeous when the plantings mature.

I napped for a while, resting up for a channeling session for Mike P. later in the day. Then I took on the delightful chore of ordering some good music for Mick’s iPod. I had $200 worth of coupons to cash in and so ordered that much of a selection, only to find out that they do not allow more than $150 worth of those coupons on any one order. Hmpf. It was a pleasure to choose some truly fine things for his musical enjoyment. He listens while he mows.

I started on another project that has been hanging fire for months, writing up the funeral services for Jim, Jim’s Mom and myself. I barely had begun that when I realized I needed items I did not have, so I wrote to Mom and asked her for them – the hymnal and prayer book from her church. I set that project aside and went back to the basement wrap center with my card for Mom instead. I finalized Mom’s present and wrapped two other presents for Mick. His birthday is May 10th, so it’s time to get all in hand for a special day for my sweetie. He wants to rent a video and have pizza. We can do that.

I BARELY finished the wrapping in time for Jim’s and my bath – thank heaven the tub takes a long time to fill, as it is double the area of most tubs, so that we can comfortably bathe together. We got dressed in time to meet Mike P, who arrived from out of town for his private channeling session. We talked around the circle after I satisfied myself that his questions were phrased so as to maximize his chances of gaining useful information from the session. I tuned and then Jim, Mike and I had a good session.

Mike had most thoughtfully brought us a treat from the Cheesecake factory. He had read in my journal that i loved a certain dish they serve, and he picked some up. We will enjoy those for a couple of meals to come!

Mike and I sat and conversed for a while after the session while Jim cleaned the kitchen. He left just as Jim finished his wonted Saturday chore with a triumphant mopping. Jim and I ascended the stairs to my room for a good kitty snuggle before lights out at midnight.