Sunday, April 29, 2007


After Morning Offering Jim cooked while I continued on my letter to Papa. Later, Jim set out on a vast array of errands and arrived back at the house for lunch. By that time Gary had surfaced and was working hard in the office, making up some time. We enjoyed a luncheon together and then Jim spent the afternoon making our yard look pretty. He trimmed up everything, which is a huge job in our yard because of all the plantings, bushes and paths, in preparation for Gary’s mowing later and then weeded throughout the yard.

Meanwhile I continued working on my letter to Papa and eventually finished it! It is only 12 pages long; rather shabby compared to his 200+ pages which I was answering, but my best offering. It was a splendid day spent with a good teacher with big ideas!

I got some news today that makes me feel sad. The Lenovo people, from whom we are purchasing my laptop, sent a notice that they have not yet shipped my machine! It was ordered on April 8th! Three weeks have passed. This is just silly. Yet I am boxed in here. Short of going out and buying yet another laptop – and when we looked around, what I wanted was not out there – I am out of luck on taking up my writing again.

If this is a psychic greeting, it is a good one! I am very used to pressing on towards the goal. And I cannot press! However, fortunately I am blessed with a plethora of other, less important work. I still have a list of seven remaining to-do chores to complete before the office is officially cleared of back work. Indeed, I have additional chores awaiting my attention all over the house, as do most householders. And when that list runs out, I can power down on the Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues, which up until now have gotten only intermittent attention. i have about 2/3 of that A/Q editing work ahead of me.

My usual routine is to do old editing in the morning and write on 101 in the afternoon. For three weeks now I have been off my routine completely! I will probably continue to work off-routine until the office is caught up. Then I will answer all my e-mail, which I have been allowing to accumulate somewhat. And then it’s A/Q time. It is all good work! It’s just not what I intended to spend this month doing.

I got a set of three scans from Elihu E, whom I asked for material concerning Dana Redfield. He had very kindly sent me copies of portions of the letter he wrote her parents. Gary also dug up my old e-mail files so I can go back and get some good quotes from those old letters from Dana, which will add a lot to my article. Or it could be articles, plural. I sense another series coming on, as her life touched many interesting topics.

Bishop Gulick has still not sent me his comments on A Book of Days. He promised them “after Easter”. So I sent him another begging letter, beseeching him to write me that blurb. Ian says he has another project coming up in May that will take all his time for the next month, so if I do not get him that last bit of text from the Bishop by next Wednesday or so, I will be unable to see the Book of Days published until June.

These all seem to be lessons in patience, do they not? And in resisting not evil.

Jim and I spent a delightfully quiet Saturday night enjoying each other, reading and catching some junk TV. We offered the Gaia Meditation and came upstairs, after Mick cleaned the kitchen, for a good-night kitty-snuggle.