Thursday, April 26, 2007

2007-04-24 and 25

Sometimes I do wonder about myself! Not only did I miss writing in my journal yesterday, I did not recall the omission! So this is a two-day entry.

Wednesday was dedicated to continuing on with ticking items off my list as I wait for Traveller Too, my new laptop, to arrive from the factory. It is taking God’s own time, literally, to get here. I sense that although it is aggravating at the worldly level to have to wait so long for this machine, there are three factors that are positive here.

One is that doing these personal chores is easier mental, emotional and spiritual work than either composing new text for the 101 book or editing the Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues and I have rested up a good bit.

The second is the boost I get from touching in to the energies of so many good friends. Love is reflected in love and I soar like a hawk!

And the third is that I suspect there is a specific psychic greeting going on from our old friend of negative fifth density from the days of the Ra sessions, who would really like to see me get frustrated and angry about either writing and losing the text or choosing not to write but being angry about that, so that my vibration comes down. With this computer in its dying phase, if I did try to compose I would be constantly upset. For instance, one of the three-page letters I wrote today disappeared. It showed up in the Sent file on Outlook. I was composing in Word. I lost considerable time just finding my work.

On the contrary of being irked, let alone enangered, I have used the time to delight myself by doing this other, more personal work. I am chipper as can be.

And I really, really look forward to getting back to work cmposing and editing. Hopefully with a new machine, and one designed to be very sturdy - the IBM ThinkPad – such shenanigans will not occur.

Ruthie M, a psychic in Florida who has long been a friend and a fan of the Law of One, sent me a charming poem. It goes

Counting our blessings, we realize smiles cause nicer lines than frowns,
Friendship is a wonderful thing,
Goodness mostly outweighs negativity,
Time marches on,
Attitude changes everything,
Sharing begets sharing,
Hope is a special flower,
Love heals.
I love sharing with you, dear Friend.
May your day be Sweeter than you expected.

That was such a pleasure to come upon, first thing! So I wrote her a thank you. She wrote back to say that it just came out of her fingers when she sat down at the computer to write me. Talented fingers! It is Reverend Ruth Ann now, as she finished a course to receive the degree.

I worked for quite some time on three thoughtful letters to my two brothers and my cousin. They were thank you notes, however belated, for their generous Christmas presents. But in the letters I also went into a few reasons why I feel that perhaps the Rueckert Christmas Gatherings could usefully be updated to suit the way we live now. I got the impression last Christmas that my brother, Tommy, and his family especially were not altogether happy campers. And what’s the fun of getting together if people are uncomfortable?

Mail had piled up again on my desk and I spent some late afternoon time clearing that. And I had another planning meeting with Gary at which we talked more about the possibility of creating a new spiritual activism site with Steve E. We will invite him to visit so we can powwow in person.

Today was a banner day! Jim left after Morning Offering to mow and mow some more, as heavy rains are predicted for tomorrow. He got all the mowing done for Thursday except one small yard, no more than a 30-minute job. So if he cannot mow tomorrow at all, he can pick that one yard up on Friday, which is supposed to be fair and sunny.

I came upstairs and wrote three thank you notes – one to Don C Sr., who sent a generous donation to help with our equipment crisis –we have to get both a new laptop and a new scanner – one to Jill S, who sent me a healing crystal and all her best wishes and one to Aubine K, who sent me a packet of information on her daughter, Ariane’s, mission in Africa, so that I can write about her for my UPI column one week soon. I completed a Publisher’s Clearing House entry to sew up the day’s correspondence and voila! For one brief, shining moment, I OWE NO ONE IN THIS WORLD A LETTER! Well, not a snail-mail letter! The e-mail is piling up. Oh well! Whoopee!

I spent the remainder of the day getting set up to compose a Memorial Service for Jim along the lines we had discussed on our trip to Nebraska last February. It sounds ghoulish, but really, it is a great idea for all of us to prepare for our demise. We are only renting these bodies and our leases' terms are uncertain. When the time comes for us to move on through the gates into larger life, a clear list of our wishes is a very thoughtful thing to leave behind for those who shall need to carry on here below within the veil on the Earth plane.

I got the service written up, typing out all the readings so that when the time comes, the service will be able to be printed out into a brochure. It took a while to get the three group hymns copied without all the black on the copies which you get when you are copying from thick books. However cutting and pasting onto blank paper and re-copying did the trick.

I asked Gary if he would prepare the two music CDs we need for that service. We need one for the music during the service. Jim asked for Jessica, by the Allman Brothers, Angel by Jimi Hendrix and The Wanderers, by Lacey J. Dalton. The other CD is going to be an hour-long mélange of Jim’s favorite artists’ work which shall be played before the service. I figure people will want to come early and socialize. When he gets that done, and I make one change in the service Jim requested, that work will be complete and I can tuck it away until, hopefully, sometime in 3007! Next up: my own service preferences for when I stick my own spoon in the wall and dance to the skies.

The remainder of my work day was spent reading Papa’s letters. I am now finished with all but his latest missive, which arrived in my Inbox last Saturday.

Gary was home for supper and the Gaia Meditation. We enjoyed a quiet evening together, all three of us reading for a good portion of the night. Mick and I turned out the lights at 11 PM.