Tuesday, May 01, 2007


A heat wave ( a high of 89 F) brought summer to the Louisville area as, after Morning Offering, Jim set out to mow and I set out to Jeffersonville, across the Ohio, for my third in a series of cranial-sacral sessions plus the Steiner homeopathic injections. It was again a good session and I feel psychically much more light and bright. Hopefully as time goes on the changes will begin to manifest in the physical.

I stopped on the way home to search for some truly huge work bowls, as our old supply of them has gradually disappeared. I found some, not quite as large as the old ones but still a promising shape and inexpensive.

After a good lunch made of Gary’s cooking – spinach quiche and slaw – I started collecting material for my upcoming UPI articles on Dana Redfield. It was a very enjoyable afternoon. I typed Elihu E’s comments about her into the computer, read through letters from the beginning of our e-mail relationship in 2000 and started on quotes from her manuscript of the Alphabet Mosaics. I am far from done in collecting her words to use within these articles, but this was a good start.

Gary and I had a short meeting on the next Homecoming, vetting the schedule and deciding what to charge. We already have close to the maximum numbers for holding the Homecoming at Camelot. Only two places are left. The decision was whether to let gatherings alumni only know of the two vacant spots and close the attendee list after we fill up or whether to open the Homecoming to all comers on the web site. I asked for the latter choice, as I feel many who have not previously attended our Homecomings might just want to come home for a weekend this year and be with people who tend to vibrate in their home zone, so to speak. So a notice will go up on our web site soon.

Jim arrived late, as he wanted to do a couple of extra chores for his customers, planting flowers and managing ivy, and we had a whirlpool together before coming upstairs for a date, after which I went sound asleep. Mick had to work to wake me up for dinner!

Downstairs, Gary had just finished a big day doing admin work for L/L Research and we all enjoyed a supper and an episode of Star Trek Enterprise before offering the Gaia Meditation, with Mick praying at the end. We said good night to Gary after that and ended our night with a good kitty snuggle.