Wednesday, May 09, 2007


There was still a most refreshing bite to the morning air, but I can smell summer coming and am sneezing at the grass, which is seeding right now in the hayfields for the first time –ah-choo! After Morning Offering Mick went forth to meet his very crowded day, armed with his mighty Steppenwolf collection and of course his armor of virtue and Boy Scout badges, not to mention a mower or two.

I spent a most enjoyable morning working on my third article in the Dana Redfield series, trying to give readers some sense of the tremendous work she was doing during the latter portion of her life. I really feel for her, as her publisher and editor – who was also her true friend and lover – did not understand the work. However Dana, with her characteristic verve and positivity, simply said she was glad they rejected the work, as now L/L Research was free to print the book just as she envisioned it, which she could not trust a commercial publisher to do as her work will be at least 8 ½ by 11” in size.

We will at some point mount a fund drive for the printed-book project. And we will definitely put her work up on site. However I am at present editing an older work of mine and Barbara Brodsky’s, the Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues. They must take precedence over Dana’s book. And Dana's work is chock full of copy errors which she asked me to fix. So this will all take some time!

One thing I noticed in putting all my materials away after writing about Dana’s House of Life glyph was that she never got around to dedicating her book. Glrmph. I would guess she would have dedicated it to her parents, so will have to discover their proper names and supply that text. Fortunately, we have several good author photo possibilities as she often sent me her photo, especially when Romi came to visit, which he did recently. Ro was the Good Samaritan who got all her literary and legal details seen to, just before she passed into larger life.

I had lunch after sending the finished article off to UPI and then came back up to tackle editing the Sunday Meditation we had on April 22, when Mike P visited.

That done, I turned to the MacDuffie database I had received from the staff there. It had never been properly alphabetized for quick access to married names, being alphabetized by maiden name, which does me little good, as most of my classmates have picked up a spousal name in the decades since high school. I retyped all the names so the last and married names are first, then first and middle names last. And then I somehow had the grace to alphabetize that column successfully. Cheers! That will make things easier for me.

I also hunted around for a half dozen classmates’ missing snail mail addresses. Not finding the information in my records on Outlook, I wrote each of them e-mails asking for the missing contact information.

A couple of people have written in to let us know that someone has put up a web site they call We have nothing to do with it. It feels “off” to me. There has been no effort to link to all our material, nor has there been any text to say who L/L Research is or to explain why they might be using such a name. It is not right! I wrote Rho M, Scott Mandelker’s webmaster, since Scott’s name was mentioned on the site. I asked her what she knew about this site and stated what I needed from that site in the way of proper acknowledgment. Hopefully, she will let Scott know that I am not amused. Hopefully, he will be able to respond and fix this.

Mick called bath time and we relaxed for a time after our whirlpool before coming downstairs to dine at 8 PM. Romi visited and we enjoyed our dinner and the Gaia Meditation together, and then an episode of House on TV, before he and I opened the box and Traveller Too emerged like Venus rising from the foam!

Trav2 is a beautiful machine. Even with all the bright office lights on the screen, it did not reflect my face and I could see the screen text well. It will be such a joy to use it. We went through the initial choices, naming the machine and so forth. Romi will come back Saturday and help me get all my data from this computer imported to Trav2.

Meanwhile, I have three items remaining on my to-do list – writing an article for Sandie S’s e-zine on the shift of the ages, catching up my burgeoning e-mail Inbox and collecting the recipes from Sandie’s four recipe gift books. I shall see if I can get those items done by Saturday morning. It could happen –I have three days to beaver away at the last of the catch-up.

Mick and I bade Romi a fond good-night and we came up for a bedtime kitty snuggle before lights out at 11:30.