Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Monday was a glorious, golden day! It is so pleasant to have this idyllic weather as a brief lull before the summer heat and humidity set in. Jim had a packed agenda in mind and set out for an all-day jaunt amongst the lawn devas of Anchorage. I spent the morning and afternoon shifting my attention between finishing my clothes project and editing a channeling we did for Terry H. That session contained a varied and interesting mix of questions about the time lateral of Earth and other goodies.

For lunch, I was privileged to go once again to Captain’s Quarters, as Talitha L had invited me out to eat before she left town, headed back west. For introducing a person to the pleasures of the Louisville area, this restaurant is my best one-shot. It hugs the Ohio River’s south bank at the mouth of Harrod’s Creek. There are several large decks outside the spacious restaurant where one may sit under huge, wise, ancient trees and watch the river and its barges and boats go by as one dines.

Talitha is fun to be with, full of gentle but ebullient spirits. She heard a song, on the Muzak which restaurants tend to offer their customers, that made her want to get up and dance. When she told me that, I lifted my chair back and got up! “Really?” she asked. We were at the restaurant early and there was not a soul in sight besides staff. “Oh yeah!” I replied. So we boogied together before our food came out, two small, aging women having a truly good time. We had a good conversation, too, and were sorry to have our time together end. She needed to be off to catch her airplane.

Things tend to happen synchronistically in my life. So, in the back of my mind, when I made up the to-do list which I have been working to complete in the wake of this computer’s malfunctioning, I wondered to myself if the new computer would only come when I had finished my list. I put the last garment away at 5 PM, scratching the last original notation off my to-do list and voila! UPS pulled up at our door with the new laptop about 15 minutes later. Traveller Too is in the house!! Romi will come over tomorrow night and start him up! Whee!

Jim came in from his hard day’s work with a big grin, pleased with his day. He had, as is often his wont, gotten extra work done today. Further, he picked up three more odd jobs of good size from a neighbor to do soon. He likes tucking these extra jobs into his days. And our bills get paid by his generous efforts.

He has had the best time mowing since Gary fixed his iPod. There was a Steppenwolf glitch which Gary fixed! Jim had about 70 Steppenwolf songs on the iPod and he tended to play the whole list over and over during his working hours, as John Kay is his favorite singer along with Greg Allman and Lacey J. Dalton. Eventually, the play list acted up, missing some songs and then not playing any songs at all. So Gary worked on it just before leaving on his vacation. Now Mick has over 150 Steppenwolf songs to listen to, even some that he never heard before. He’s glorying in the bounty and said that this was a great birthday present! Jim’s turning 60 on May 10th, coming up shortly! His favorite new song from Steppenwolf: Rock and Roll Rebel! Yup, that’s my cowboy.

After our bath, Jim and I celebrated being alone in the house by having our date downstairs. Mick has the most romantic energy! I thought to myself, in the afterglow, no wonder all his flowers bloom more bountifully for him than for other gardeners. He really has the most healing, loving energy. We did not take a nap afterwards but rather spent quite some time just sitting and soaking up the silence together. It was heaven.

Eventually we sought food and offered the Gaia Meditation, with Mick praying at the end. We said good night around 11 PM after a good snuggle with the cats.