Sunday, May 06, 2007


Saturdays are grand! After Morning Offering Jim cooked while I continued working on my closet, culling out too-small clothing and folding it away against the day I can fit into that wardrobe again. I also pulled out all the winter clothing for storage. Now I am ready to receive the summer clothes I have stored in the basement storage area. I shall have to cull them over also, when they arrive upstairs, to remove smaller garments.

Jim and I both took the afternoon off! I went out to lunch with Carmen T, while Mick had an old-fashioned nap, watched some sports on TV and played with the cats. I had thought that Carmen and I were going to the Limestone Restaurant but when we got there it was closed. So we drove towards the Captain’s Quarters Restaurant but got thoroughly lost. It was amazing, just how completely turned around I got. It began to feel like we had driven into another dimension of time and space.

Eventually, Carmen recognized a road and found the way back to recognizable landmarks, and we arrived at the Ohio’s shores to enjoy eating outside and watching the water and the various barges and boats slide or putt-putt by. It was a delightful meal under the spreading branches of the old trees at Captain’s Quarters, and good company.

Carmen dropped me off here at Camelot somewhat before 5 PM and then Mick and I bathed. We had thought we would watch The Last Emperor of Scotland tonight but apparently Gary had returned the DVD for us! So we were without a film. We lazed the evening away watching Star Trek episodes and, after offering the Gaia Meditation, I read in Elihu Edelson’s Both Sides Now – I am behind a couple of issues, and want to keep up with his work – while Mick scoured the kitchen.

We snuggled with the cats after that and sought our beds around midnight.