Saturday, May 05, 2007


Jim arose quite early and we enjoyed Morning Offering together before he headed out to mow. The forecast was dismal! Gary came upstairs right on time to start mowing and Jim was already gone. He had gotten a lawn mowed before Gary caught up with him. Together, by 3 PM, they had done every single job! All except one: a customer declared that “it was too wet” and told Jim to come back Saturday. That is cruel catalyst indeed for a man who loves his weekends.

Meanwhile I put my work-day in, working half in the office and half in my closet. This interstitial cystitis seems to have made my body prone to weight gain, and I have soared to a size 10 from my usual size 6. I am hoping to get back to the smaller size as it is far healthier for me. I come from a long line of people whose death involved heart and vascular disease and I cannot afford to be heavy if i hope for longevity.

It is too bad, because I have been 175 before and enjoyed being a big, beautiful woman. I could open a door by leaning on it! I could sit in any seat! But I do want to stick around for some years yet, so I eat small portions, and carefully, usually.

So I was trying on my own clothes. The ones which are too small are going into storage boxes for now. so I was both sorting clothes for size and removing winter clothing to be stored in our basement storage closet area. I'll be glad to see my summer wardrobe, although that, too, will have to be checked to make sure all the clothes in my closet will go around me!

In the morning I wrote Bill H a good letter, giving him the outlook on L/L Research, as he has accepted a position on our Board. We are very lucky to have him. In the afternoon hours I went through a recipe book which Sandie S. had given me – one of four from which I hope to capture some good, new recipes for our recipe database – and selected the recipes I will copy.

Can you tell my new laptop is not here yet!!?

The evening brought romance my way, as after bath time Mick had asked for a date. We do celebrate life well together, Mick and I, even coming up on our 20th wedding anniversary at the end of this month. Then we enjoyed the last bit of Democracy Now and came downstairs, as Romi and Carmen were to come over for a TV night.

The group had good conversation, dinner and the Gaia Meditation while we enjoyed new episodes of Star Gate. The party broke up a bit after 10 PM, with Jim and I turning out the lights an hour or so later.