Monday, May 07, 2007


Sunday was an exquisitely lovely day! The cool morning was wonderfully refreshing, while the afternoon temperature rose to about 78F. I slept late, for me, awakening around 7 AM, and worked the Sunday puzzles before going to St. Luke’s for choir rehearsal and then the church service. We sang “If Ye Love Me” by Tallis and “Christ Rising” by another Tudor-era composer, Boyd.

Meanwhile Mick cleaned the house and brought up my summer clothes from basement storage. Then he stored my winter clothing. That’s a huge help, as now I should be able to finish the culling job, folding away my size 6 summer garments until I shrink down again to that size.

Jim and I both napped after we enjoyed lunch together, both of us being quite weary. Snoozing side by side was delicious! We awoke, had our bath and welcomed our visitor from California, Talitha L. Romi, Carmen and Tom F also attended and we had a good Sunday Meeting. Romi set up for our broadcast, which went smoothly.

The question today was from Gary B, who asked concerning the advantages of control versus acceptance. It will be good to see that transcript, as everyone there felt the channeling today was special.

The party stayed together and we conversed as Romi brought out his Love Tea and then, about 90 minutes later, we served dinner for everyone. By 8 PM, however, all our visitors had left. Jim and I just sat and drank in the silence and peace of the house, patting the cats and enjoying our companionship, until the Gaia Meditation. After that was offered, with me praying at the end, we called Mom McCarty. She dotes on Jim and really appreciates these telephone conversations once a week.

Mick and I ended our day with a bedtime kitty snuggle and said good night at 11 PM.