Thursday, May 10, 2007


There had been some talk of rain coming in, but in the event the day was purely full of sunshine and heat, rising up into the high 80s F. Jim put in his full day, plus mowing an extra lawn against the possibility of rain tomorrow and also plus part of a chore he is doing for a customer on the side, and arrived home fairly late. So I had the house and the day to myself.

I felt rather poorly in the morning and, after working for a while, lay down for a real rest before deciding that the situation required White Castle cheeseburgers, which I drove up to Middletown to get. But still I managed to get the research done for an article for Sandie S during the morning.

After lunch, I felt considerably better and divided my afternoon work time between writing the article on The Tipping Point, talking about the fourth-density energies coming in now, for Sandie and starting the big catch-up on e-mail.

I found a pretty birthday card for the Mick, as his big six-oh arrives tomorrow. I hope that his music, which I selected from his wish list, arrives tomorrow before he comes home, as that is his last present and so far it has not arrived. I ordered it ten days or so ago, so it should have been here by now. St. James wants only peace, quiet, a date with me and pizza for his Earth Day, all easy things to arrange. We will have a grand day tomorrow.

With the article written for Sandie, I had only two items left on my list of things to do before Trav2 is ready to boogie: catching up the e-mail and collecting some recipes. Those chores are always with me, so basically I have gotten ALL CAUGHT UP!!! I am doing my happy dance. It will be a pleasure to do the recipes and e-mail, and come to Saturday morning’s work with the new laptop ALL CAUGHT UP!

I am so tickled. I never am caught up. This is a shining moment!

Mick and I had to move fairly quickly through our bath time, as I had a choir rehearsal to attend. We are singing some Thiman pieces that stay high and make me wish I were once again singing alto! Ack! Sustained high Gs are not my speciality! Oh well! It is for the good of the group. So I screeched away as sweetly as I could manage. We’ll have a break for summer soon.

Gary had arrived back home from his vacation with Valerie in North Carolina when I got back from rehearsal and had a bunch of photos to share as he talked us through his adventures, hiking and white-water rafting. They had found a place to camp which charged $18 per day for camping, which fell within their modest budget, and were delighted with the entire experience. Gary did say he was looking forward to sleeping in a real bed again after nearly a week of roughing it. He is a long, tall person and his back tends to act up on him, young as he is.

We shared our dinner and the Gaia Meditation with Gary. He offered the closing prayer and bade us farewell for the night and then Jim and I came upstairs for our bedtime snuggle with the kitties before saying good night at 11 PM.