Wednesday, May 16, 2007


What a goofy day! It flowed, and I cooperated, but nothing happened as I intended. After Morning Offering, Mick set out to mow with his smaller mower, a stand-behind-on-a-velky. It is much harder work to mow with that machine, as one takes the bumps of the ground like a charioteer bouncing over the Roman roads, but when Mick got back at eventide, he reported that he makes about the same time, as the smaller machine maneuvers around trees and bushes better

I had awakened early and was keen to get into my old Dana letters and find good quotes for the UPI article on outer UFO experiences I intended to write today. They had gone away. Both Gary and Romi, at different parts of the day, fished around for the old letters, and Gary feels he’s found them. I shall check that out tomorrow.

Further, the two books I wanted to cull for quotes for the articles were missing, as were our entire UFOs and UFO Contact collections. At present our Library spills over into every room in our house, including our bedrooms, and I thought I looked thoroughly. However I missed seeing them because I thought I knew (Assume = ass-u-me) that the upstairs hall contained my college books – history, languages, music, literature and so forth. Gary had moved the two UFO collections upstairs to make more room for everything downstairs. The "missing" books were right down the hall from my office the whole time. Talk about being stuck on stupid!

It took me until 11:30 to read everything from Dana I DID have, and it was all useless, since she was talking about end-of-life issues rather than her early work in the letters that survived my computer change-over. With no letters to quote and neither of her UFO non-fiction books at hand, I knew I was, as an ESL student of mine once said, “up Creek S*** without a board”. So I wrote my editors at UPI and begged off for this week. They were very understanding, thank the heavens.

I saved the morning by editing a session we had last February 18th. I really enjoyed it. The subject was religion and I thought the Q’uo group was most insightful. By this time it was well after 1 PM, so I broke for lunch.

In the afternoon I intended to write on orange-ray sexuality. I never got there. I have to figure out how to disable the pop-up feature of my Outlook Inbox. As mail came in, an announcement would float on to my desktop. And each letter seemed to me to be important. I would think, oh, I need to respond to that, and then I would quit my thoughts on 101 and tend to the e-mail.

During the afternoon I wrote four long letters to Elihu Edelson, Dana Redfield’s friend and the editor of Both Sides Now, a very good little prophetic journal, responding to over half a dozen of his letters, all concerning the possibility of making a larger volume of Dana’s Alphabet Mosaics, using my articles for UPI on Dana and also his commentary as a way to help people get into the book.

Mary Rodwell, UFO experiencer and speaker in Perth, Australia, also a friend of Dana’s, wrote several letters also, and I sent her back three missives altogether. She also is most interested in getting the Mosaics book out. I asked her what she thought about doing a commentary section.

I wrote Tiffani M to thank her for joining our Board. She will make an excellent addition to our group of L/L leaders. Now three of the four people Mick and I invited to sit on the Board have said yes. The fourth person and I are playing telephone tag, still. I am most hopeful that he, too, will say yes. It will ease Jim’s and my minds to know that we have formed up a Board which can very competently cope with carrying on in case of Jim’s and my death.

Karen K of MacDuffie most kindly did a thorough search for three classmates’ addresses I had requested and came up with one save. I gave her three more names to look up, as classmates, when they write updates, generally ask about their favorite friends from back in the day, so I was primed.

Cindy F wrote to say that she was once again to be a grandma! She is coming into town this weekend. We made a date for lunch and a girlfriend catch-up next week. She and her husband divorced amicably several years ago Cindy moved out west. She and Steve remained close friends, connected through their children and family business.

Steve attempted to form an abiding relationship with Sandie, a wonderful woman who also became a beloved girlfriend of mine. Sandie gave up the effort to become a couple with Steve after three years of listening to Steve talk to Cindy on the telephone for hours while she, who had come here to be with Steve from the west coast, was left alone.

I never could find a way to help them balance things out. Everyone was doing their best, but somehow nothing gelled. Sandie returned to California after her three-year try at togetherness. Steve is back to being single but best friends with his ex.

I do not blame Sandie at all for leaving, as her needs were never met here, although I think Steve tried his utmost. Nor do I blame either Steve or Cindy for remaining friends and dealing with their software business and kids. All was done well and lovingly. Some combinations just don’t work.

Steve M sent me what he thought was his comments on one of my chapters. The attachment was missing – it was that kind of day! I wrote to let him know that and thanked him also for accepting our invitation to become a Board member.

To end the working day I wrote several thank you notes to kind readers of my column and returned a letter from Lindy T. She recommended that I try an herbal-enzyme tablet called CMO. I sent away for a sample to see how it works with my body.

Mick called bath time and again, we were both fatigued enough that we napped through a good bit of our post-bath relaxation, missing most of Amy’s Democracy Now and World Music. Romi visited at 8 PM, filling the house with his good energy, and we enjoyed conversation, supper, the Gaia meditation and an episode of House together. Poor Ro is still helping me with my new-computer adjustments and finally I said, “Romi, step away from the computer!” The poor man works with them all day during the week. So he did and we all relaxed instead.

Both Gary and Romi said farewell after the House episode, and Jim and I turned out the lights at 11 PM.