Monday, May 14, 2007


Today may have been the pluperfect Kentucky spring day of this season. The humidity was low, an unusual thing in this river valley, and the sunshine coaxed the temperature up only to about 74 F. While St. James cleaned the house, I went to church, rehearsed and then sang the service. Our anthem was a Samuel Wesley piece of bombast on “All Flesh Is Grass”, a nice comment on Mother’s Day! The sermon was better, encouraging us to be encouragers like our Moms.

Home from the service at St. Luke’s, I joined Mick for a good lunch and then he left to drive up to Avalon and cut the meadow, which was in need of it, he said when he got back in the evening. The grass was 18 inches tall! He took it down to the usual height except around the utility shed, which he cut at six inches to avoid all the bits and pieces of things which still litter the ground thickly around that former building site. The hidden metal ate one of his blades last year, so he is now very cautious!

I had thought to do some preparation for writing Dana Redfield’s fourth article, on outer UFO phenomena she experienced, with thoughts on the subject in general, but there was no “Dana” file on my desktop and nothing at all in my “Carla” folder. Well dern! So I worked on e-mail instead.

i had written Gary yesterday to ask him about the matching funds campaign for the broadcasts and Gary let me know that because he and Steve E are exploring ways to offer the broadcasts of our channeling sessions as part of our second site’s activities, we have put off the matching funds campaign for paying for those broadcasts next September through May of 2008.

Steve believes that he can do it more cheaply than what we have been paying, which is about $100 per month for a private chat room. I thanked him for the info. I am eager to meet with Steve and get the ball rolling on the new site. Gary says he corresponds voluminously with Steve and his main job is to calm him down. Steve has many ideas, erupting like a fire hose which is not well gripped, and he is presently spraying them all over! I look forward to helping to direct the flow. Indeed, I look forward to meeting Steve. We are very fortunate in our volunteers.

Aaron T had sent me a beautiful card and a poem by Rumi, and I wrote to thank her for her thoughtfulness. She is transcribing my letter tapes and in them I sometimes refer to my illness as a houseguest. Rumi’s poem uses the same image, so she sent it as a “great minds think alike” gift.

I had a message from the Mayan Elders in my Inbox which I thought was wonderful stuff and so I forwarded it to Mick and Gary for them to absorb also. It is as challenging as the Handbook for the New Paradigm, and along the same lines of “you can change your reality”.

I thanked e-square, as he signs himself, for the good scan of the Hebrew Alphabet, which I can use in collecting Dana’s manuscript digitally. Elihu E. will also send me the scans of all her mosaics pages, which will save us time aplenty here when I get to doing that editing.

Preparing to go back to work on editing the Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues, I sent off to Ian for the next weekend’s worth of channeling, Barbara’s and my fifth weekend of offering co-channeling workshops back in the ‘90s. Four weekends' worth almost down and five to go on that project.

My last work of the afternoon was to write letters to two people who wished me to recommend their books, letting them know that their work is perfect for our future “friends of” section on our second site (second sight?).

Romi had come over early in order to finish loading Trav2 with all my files. I was very glad to receive them! I felt quite lost without my rather immense file structure on board. Now everything – I think – is here and ready to use.

Carmen and Gary joined Romi and me for a lovely silent meditation after talking around the circle together. Then we all had Romi’s Love Tea and shortbread and settled in to some conversation. Romi had other evening plans and left just as Jim showed up at eventide. Mick and I bathed before joining Carmen and Gary for dinner and more conversation. We offered the Gaia Meditation together, with Gary’s prayer blessing us at the end, and then it was time to call Mom McCarty.

After that call, I rejoined Carmen and Gary, who were reading, and joined in with my own reading. It is most pleasant energy when people sit and read together. Jim was doing his various chores, getting things lined up for next week’s work. At 10 PM Carmen left and Gary said good night. Mick and I headed upstairs for a late date and then bedtime at 11:30.