Tuesday, May 15, 2007


After Morning Offering I barely had time to bid James farewell as he set out to mow before I was off to Indiana for my cranial-sacral therapy and homeopathic, Anthroposophically created injections. This is my latest effort to better my health by alternative means. The allopathic road has pretty much run out for me. There are modest improvements, but not substantial ones. However it is worth the try, and the test run of seven treatments is not yet up.

I came back at lunchtime to find Gary hard at work at the L/L helm and Pam doing her bookkeeping stint beside him in the downstairs office. After I ate, I came upstairs and started back to work on Living The Law of One 101: The Choice. It was good to return to this project after so long away.

I first hunted all over for the database of quotes for this book, but I cannot for the life of me find it. Romi’s e-mail said it was in the Carla folder, but if it is there, I cannot see it. I dropped back and punted by opening the file of quotes on orange ray I had made while writing for UPI about the energy body. That contained all the LOO quotes. Then I did some more searching using the key word, orange, and found more good material to use.

I wrote about our orange-ray dealings with other-selves, finishing the section on non-sexual interaction. I’ll read that through again tomorrow before going on to writing about orange-ray sexuality.

Jim had a breakdown on his biggest mower, Thetis. He was fortunate that it happened directly after a job. He was sitting in the driveway of the home on which he was working, ready to load the mower on the trailer and go to his next job, and found that he was out of go. He got down and checked the driveway and found his drive belt there, lying in five separate pieces. It was going nowhere!

He was able to nudge Thetis on to the trailer with his smaller mower, Susie, and dropped it off for repair before finishing the afternoon using Susie alone. He is keeping his fingers crossed that they get the repairs done before Thursday, when he cuts two very large estates, one a private home and the other a church complex.

We were both exhausted, I by discomfort and he by hard physical labor, so we had a low-profile night indeed, sinking into a Star Trek Enterprise block after Democracy Now and napping more than we watched. We were downstairs briefly for the Gaia Meditation and dinner, and then napped and watched more Enterprise until 11 PM, when we said our good nights.