Thursday, May 17, 2007


After Morning Offering Jim left for a day of lawn care work, gardening and mowing, while I worked on exploring the Dana letters which Gary had found me for quotes. I got some good ones and was much cheered to know that I can follow my original plan in writing the two final Dana articles.

Dianne S. came at 11:30 and we drove to Captain’s Quarters, on the Ohio River at Harrod's Creek. The outside decks were empty of people despite the fine day because there was a brisk wind with gusts and the temperature was in the 60s. Most diners found the outside too chilly. However Dianne and I were in jackets and wanted to feel the sun on our faces and sit under the big old trees. We had a lovely time together. Dianne is working with A Course in Miracles and was full of praise for the work. We also talked about her husband, who has degenerating epilepsy and has lost most of his intellect now. She does a beautiful service in taking care of him with such love.

I came home to greet Gary, who was at the admin helm for a while. Then he went outside to see if he could get the paint spray gadget which attaches to our air compressor going. After a while he admitted defeat on the first round and went up to Home Depot to talk to the representative there who sold us the gadget. I will have to find out how that visit went. I hope we can use this gadget, as it will paint up under the eaves and into all the crevices thereof much better than one can do with a brush.

I called the Bishop’s office to ask him to finish the blurb he promised for A Book of Days, which volume has languished, missing that material alone, for almost a month. He was not there but his assistant promised to give him my message.

Then I returned Jean-Claude’s call. I reached him, and found that he will decline our invitation to sit on our Board. He is trying to get his global spiritual network going and feels that he would not be a good Board member for us since he is preoccupied with that massive task.

He handsomely promised L/L Research that anything we needed, funds or whatever else, if I called, the answer would be yes. That is a powerful affirmation indeed! And it echoed Dianne’s feelings expressed to me at lunch, although Dianne, being a woman, saw things more personally and said, “You let me know anything you need, because you deserve it.” We are fortunate indeed at L/L Research in our friends.

I am sad that we will not have Jean-Claude’s savvy at our Board meetings. Jim, Gary and I need to sit down and powwow about a possible replacement for him.

I dedicated the afternoon to editing what I had written on the orange-ray use of personal power. The writing smoothed out and flowed so much better when I was through! I was tickled with it. I may come back and add material later but for now, it is done as well as I can do it. That felt great!

I had just a bit of time left in my work day and put it in on e-mail. Elihu had continued to send thoughts about a possible commentary section in Dana’s Alphabet Mosaics and I wrote him back, a long letter. We are getting to know each other courtesy of Dana!

I took some time and care to write Romi a thank you letter for all the incredibly intense work he has done for us lately. Gary’s computer in his bedroom is ailing and Romi has spent a good bit of time working with it recently. Then there was all the effort on his part to save my old laptop, and, hard on its heels, all he did to get my new machine loaded and going. He’s the best! And so I told him.

I also encouraged an idea he has about his teaching the Law of One principles. I sent him the chapters of 101 I have done and suggested he start developing a cirriculum based on that. I encouraged him to think about creating a workbook that goes along with the book itself.

An author has been very persistent about getting me to write a recommendation for his book. I had resisted his request, as the book, while harmonious with TLOO, is not about that. But I decided to go ahead and give him a quote anyway. After I did that, I wondered if the universe had been waiting for me to be generous about writing a back-cover blurb for someone else so that I could receive bread on the waters in the form of a blurb from the Bishop. I suspect so.

Jim and I enjoyed a bath and an hour of relaxation and Democracy Now before I left for choir practice. I only knew two of the anthems we rehearsed tonight, and we rehearsed a dozen or more. It was great fun! Sight-reading is my favorite thing, musically, as the gratification is instant. Right before one’s ears, one hears a new song. The melodies and harmonizations are always interesting and often surprising. and the words are always prayers and praises, making one's spirits soar. It’s just plain fun! I had a blast.

Jim greeted me with supper when I returned and he, Gary and I watched the Jon Stewart show and the Colbert Report before making the Gaia Meditation together, with me offering the closing prayer.

Jim had asked me for a date this morning, so we bade Gary a good night and came upstairs early . Mick and I had a lovely time together celebrating life! Then we found some Star Trek Enterprise to watch while we snuggled with the kitties. We said good night at 11 PM.