Saturday, May 19, 2007

2007-05-17 and 18

Somehow I missed writing my CJ entry yesterday. It feels weird, because I remember writing on my journal early yesterday morning, but it was lost in cyber-space.

I spent yesterday morning editing another new channeling, one which Gary B had transcribed. The subject was religion versus spirituality and I enjoyed pondering the Confederation’s thoughts as I edited.

After lunch I answered a call from Linda D, our tax preparer, who had called in after her vacation. She let us know that our tax report for L/L Research would be late, as her company had a staggering tax season and is also in the process of moving house to a larger office in another building – still downtown, unfortunately for me. I told her that this was OK, as we never owe money, our corporation being non-profit. She assured me she had gotten a proper extension from the IRS to keep us square with them. This will be their second year to report on L/L Research, a sign that we have somehow gotten bigger and are doing more.

I caught up briefly with Steve M, Calvin R-P, Fikisha C and Dianne S. I wrote Romi to thank him for his information concerning archiving and why we have never used it. I asked for his instructions some day when he feels like it, as I do want to archive both mail sent to me and mail I have answered on the laptop. One fine day, probably after I have departed this earthly fix outbound, hopefully a volunteer will mine that work for my spiritually oriented advice and put it up for seekers to access if they wish.

Aaron T has expressed interest in taking that project on when she finishes transcribing and editing my old tape letters, which were generated in the late ‘80s and early '90s, when I could not sit up or type due to massive rheumatoid problems. She is slowly but steadily working her way through those 150+ tapes. I rehabbed from those stringent problems in 1992.

And lastly, I wrote Tiffani M to welcome her to the Board. She is a ball of fire, a wonderful person and a Ra scholar to match the best of them. We are so very lucky to have her expertise – she works with finances and thinks QuickBooks is a work of art – on which to call.

I spent the rest of the working day reading the last of Gary's mine of newly found Dana Redfield letters and collecting my quotes from them both for the article coming up tomorrow, which covers Dana and the outer UFO phenomena and the one next week, which discusses Dana and the inner UFO phenomena.

Coming up to this morning, I took the time to finish gathering quotes, mainly from Dana's book, Summoned, for today's article. Then I wrote the article itself, sending it off just after 2 PM.

I had a very quick bite to eat and kept a 3 PM beauty appointment at Images, where Jazz, a beautiful woman whose wizardry with hair is to my great benefit, gave me a masterful haircut and Lee Ann gave me a mini-facial, which I need in order to keep my skin from getting into trouble because of ultimate dryness.

She also de-fuzzes my brows and upper lip and darkens my brows, which I dearly love. I have nice eyebrows but my coloring is so pale that one cannot see them unless they are colored. This dye process works far better than using a pencil or smudging color on, as the dye penetrates the actual brow hairs and looks natural – me, only darker. I always feel beautiful indeed when I leave that salon.

I arrived home just in time to enjoy a bath with Mick, after his huge mowing day and weekly maintenance routine, and to celebrate TGIF by taking in a whole block of Star Gate on the Sci Fi channel as we caught up from our day and dozed.

Mick and Jim had cut eight lawns today! While Jim was doing extra gardening for a client and maintaining his mowers, Gary powered through getting the groceries and doing some of the cooking for the week to come! He puts in a very long day on Fridays.

He joined us at 9 PM for the Gaia Meditation and we dined together before he said good night, as he wished to spend the rest of his evening reading. Mick and I ended the evening upstairs with a kitty snuggle and said good night around midnight.