Monday, May 21, 2007


The Sabbath was cool, sunny and breezy, perfect weather for a picnic. While Jim cleaned house, I attended the service at St. Luke’s, which was held outside, Fr. Joe’s favorite “mass in the grass” which he does as often as he can in warm weather.

During the service, the BBQ smelled wonderful! When we said our last “Thanks be to God! Alleluia!” we all lined up to gather a plateful of good things to eat. The attendees had all brought pot-luck dishes, one better than another. Jim joined me for the meal and he noted what a treat it was to sit and relax in the same big horse ring where he is usually hustling for all he is worth, mowing the area.

We enjoyed a bath and a nap when we arrived back home, awakening just in time to welcome a visitor who had driven down from Cincinnati, Anna, plus Romi and Carmen. Romi set up the broadcast for our last channeling meditation of the season and we had a good talk around the circle before choosing a main question for Q’uo. The group decided to ask a question which Gary B had written out for consideration today. It had to do with how to seek the Creator, who was shrouded in mystery and who could not be intellectually found, only thought about. it will be fun to edit that transcript and consider what was said.

We let those listening know that we were seeking funds to continue this broadcasting program next season, which runs September through May. However we have not mounted the Matching Funds campaign for that yet, although we have a generous donor to sponsor the campaign, as we are still working to determine the least expensive way to offer the broadcasts.

Next weekend we will meet here with Steve E, who hopes to be L/L Research's webmaster for a new version of One of the things we will discuss is the possibility of having the broadcasting capability be part of that site's configuration. if we can arrange that, we think our cost for this capability can be reduced a good bit. Once we have determined just what the price tag is for this service, we will mount the campaign with accurate expectations as to what sum we hope to collect in donations.

We were in a quiet mood, after Anna left to drive back home while it was still daylight. Romi offered us his Love Tea and Gary joined us after his shift at Cracker Barrel. We all sat and read our books together, a very cozy feeling. Eventually dinner was all warmed up and we dined together, after which we sat and talked together while Jim called Mom McCarty. Carmen and Romi left about an hour after supper.

Gary, Jim and I offered the Gaia Meditation at 9 PM, after which Gary went to his own part of the house for the rest of the evening while Mick and I came upstairs for an extended period of relaxing with the cats and watching nothing profound on TV until our eyelids nodded shut around 11 PM.