Sunday, May 20, 2007


Saturday morning dawned bright and clear and the temperature never rose out of the high sixties, a marvelous day in Kentucky. Our peonies are in full bloom now and this year the tiny bugs that often infest the blooms are absent. As well, our indoor amaryllis has gone into a riot of huge blossoms in the kitchen window. Elsewhere in our Magic Kingdom, the wood poppies and iris have just about traveled the length of their blooming, while the first of the day lilies are in full stalk, with tiny green knots at their crowns that will turn into glory soon, coaxed by the warmth of the ripening year.

After our Morning Offering I sipped green tea, played with the cats and had a round of solitaire, celebrating the leisure of the weekend. Later in the morning I read in Dana Redfield’s book, The ET-Human Link, and found several good quotes for my fifth article on her, on the psychic or occult UFO experience.

Jim had cooked during the morning and then gone on his round of errands, bringing back our fast-food treat for the week. Afterwards, he briefly napped while I as briefly collected more Dana quotes. Then it was time for Nancy S to arrive for her special session with Q’uo. We greatly enjoyed getting to know her as we talked around the circle. Nancy’s questions were those of a person who came to the path of spiritual seeking at an age past her youth – she is my age and just has opened to these ideas in the last few years.

I think this is the situation for many, so I look forward to reading the transcript of this session as I edit it. Hopefully the material will aid people when it is up on site.

Jim went outside to weed in the yard while I lay down, glad to have the rest as my flared-up back has joined my tummy in complaint. Mick took the time to work on the worst of the flare-up area, which is my back’s right upper quadrant. He has found a peculiar but effective tool for applying pin-point pressure to the area– the butt end of a small condiment knife. His ministrations really helped!

Jim came back in from his outside work awash in grass and happy as a lark, the bonnie afternoon sun and gentle breeze having washed away all but the joy of the day. We took in the Preakness. Like all of the world, of course, we hoped for Street Sense to achieve the second jewel in the Triple Crown, but Curlin took the chance away by a mere nose-hair.

Seeing those beautiful thoroughbreds always brings me back to my childhood love of horses. The horses I have known in my life were the best of companions, full of personality, loyal and gallant and funny and wicked as well. How handsome they all looked as they paraded to the post! Equines in general are a beautiful sort of animal.

Mick and I bathed, then, and had a date, after which we finished our evening with reading and conversation. Jim cleaned the kitchen while I continued to read a big novel by Tom Wicker. This author can write so well! And the level of political detail is amazing. It is also interesting to see how people, or at least Wicker, saw the world scene, writing only 30 or so years ago. The times move ahead and things change!

The reason I read such old novels is that I am reading my mother’s books. She was an avid reader and at her death she had thousands of fun books – sci fi, romances, mystery novels and historical sagas. Since I need to cut books off their bindings in order not to strain my weak, arthritic hands, these books are a godsend, as I can easily slice them off their bindings, read the pages and toss them out when I am done.

Mick and I always hope to snuggle with the cats before bedtime, and tonight Dan D. Lion, our gray-striped tabby, put on a dance that lasted at least 20 minutes, a new record I think. For some reason, when he starts to knead my lap, as cats do when they are happy, his hind legs do a little dance with a fairly complex rhythm on my thighs and knees. It’s so cunning! Rumba Kitty! We enjoyed NCIS and then part of an old film we sentimentally seeing again before saying goodnight at midnight.