Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Jim headed out into the drought-caught day to mow and garden after Morning Offering while I came upstairs and wrote some e-mail to start my work day. I sent an e-mail forward to several friends of a lovely daily send called “Morning Blessings” which I often find very inspiring. The link is Check it out for your own use. You can subscribe for free.

Cindy F wrote to cancel her luncheon appointment with me. She had gotten caught up in cleaning at the house of her ex-husband. It is now on the market and she felt a good scrubbing would help it sell. It is a mansion with 12-foot ceilings and spacious inner dimensions in all the rooms. L/L Research held the Midwinter Gathering there two winters ago and we all greatly enjoyed that space. Hopefully Cindy and I will be able to get together day after tomorrow instead.

I wrote a couple of letters to St. Luke’s people. I agreed with Lisa to sell CDs and baseball tickets after church next Sunday. I also agreed with Fr. Joe to substitute at the 8 AM Sunday services as lay reader and chalice bearer when needed.

His usual reader for the early service, Ewing H, is an old friend of my parents’. Ewing's wife and my Mom were recovering alcoholics together for over a decade as well as Cursillo group members, and for years they got together before AA and Alanon meetings each week. I am sorry to say that Ewing is showing his age. He is one of this world’s sweetest and kindest gentlemen and I am sorry to see his health failing.

My cousin Carlos wrote to thank me for all the genealogical records from the Rueckert side of the family which I got Gary to copy out and send to him. He also let me know that he had re-established contact with our mutual Uncle, Joe B, whose wife was both our fathers’ sister, Karlynn. Joe has now remarried after waiting several years since Aunt K’s death and is now in his early 90s, still playing golf every day.

I’d gotten a nice catch-up letter from Sandie S, who reports that moving back to California was a great move on her part. She synchronistically joined with several others of like mind and is having a wonderful time in Hollywood as well as improving her cash flow. Go Sandie!

She will use my chakra series of UPI articles in Planet Light Worker, her e-zine, as well as the article I wrote just for PLW on the shift.

Ken B had written to ask whether I had heard anything about a new planet showing up out of nowhere. I let him know that I had not. These rumors abound, in my experience. Sometimes the Planet X is always on the other side of the moon or sun or something. Sometimes it is frozen and stuck in first density, not showing up somehow. Sometimes it is described as being dark matter. Varieties of this rumor have been around as long as I have been in this area of research, which began in 1970 in a formal way. it is all probably psychics receiving the impression of Fourth-Density Earth.

I spent the remainder of the morning working on editing the Aaron/Q’uo session coming third out of four in our fourth weekend gathering.

After lunch I had a short meeting with Gary B, answering some questions from Terry H. Then I used the rest of my work day to write through the orange-ray sexuality section of Chapter 4 of 101. It is almost there now. I shall read through, hopefully for the final time on that section, tomorrow.

Jim and I enjoyed a pleasant evening full of conversation and dinner, then a viewing of an old film, MASH, which we both love. I offered the ending prayer at the Gaia Meditation and we came upstairs to have our bedtime snuggle with the cats, plus a date. We said good night at 11 PM.