Friday, May 25, 2007


Another beautiful, hot and dry day greeted Jim and me as we made our Morning Offering. This draught is so out of season that it is remarkable. Usually we are inundated during May with spring rains. First the freeze just after things began blooming and now the draught has ruined some local crops already. It is thought that our peaches and apples will not grow this year.

Jim did not mow today. His jobs were all gardening, and he worked very hard, bringing lots of branches and vines home to take to Avalon for our earth-building project along the sides of our feeder creek’s ravine. I spent the morning clearing the desk and then editing the third Aaron/Q’uo dialogue from the fourth of nine weekends. I am now almost exactly halfway through that work.

Cindy F picked me up and treated me to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, one of my favorite restaurants in this end of town. Yum!! We had a long lunch, catching up on all her doings, on my part, and all my doings, on her part. Cindy has been gone for a bit over three years now. She and her beau, Ron, now live in WA and she is building a temple in her barn. It was terrific to get caught up on all her family news.

Again it was late when I returned, but I had not been shopping so I was not wiped out physically and was able to get back to work, a blessing! I worked my way through the orange-ray sexuality section again, feeling good about the flow, although I wish I could have written the section with more of a light touch. However, I personally think keeping the orange ray clear, sexually speaking, is doggoned difficult for most people unless they are in the kind of mated relationship Mick and I have, where he is Man to me and I am Woman to him.

For the most part, and especially for those “out there” dating, the scene is unfortunately one of sexual predation and often people are not kind. There is a lot of abuse of women in our society. So it was written as I felt it had to be written in order to be clear about staying open through all the dramas. So I ended up talking about forgiveness. I think it is a strong section now, so I am ready to move on into discussion of the yellow ray.

Jim called bath time in perfect timing with my ending my work on Chapter 4. We took in a great conversation Amy Goodman had with Dennis Kucinich. His thoughts were cogent and clear, so unusual for politicians that my whole personality sat up and said howdy. I do not know how he can be elect-able, being so outspoken, but I agree with him across the board and will contact his campaign group to see about getting a bumper sticker. It is too early for signs in the yard!

Jim and I dozed off after the news and awoke to come downstairs for supper, political satire from Stewart and Colbert and then the Gaia Meditation. Romi stopped by to pick up some computer bits and pieces for work he is doing and left me a New York Times Magazine, which contains the Sunday puzzles. I greatly enjoyed working them through while half-listening to the television’s CSI episodes.

Mick and I came upstairs for our usual kitty snuggle and said good night at 11 PM.