Monday, May 28, 2007


What a glorious day! I spent my morning singing at St. Luke’s while Mick cleaned house. I enjoyed a unique Pentecost service. This is the day the church celebrates the event where tongues of flame danced on the apostles’ heads and as they preached, each man heard the words in his native tongue. We got to hear the prayer of the Holy Spirit from our multi-national congregation in Roman, Greek, French, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, German and, oh yes, English! It was moving indeed. It brings the drama of that moment in time home to hear the many different languages.

After church I stayed at the reception to sell CDs and baseball tickets on behalf of the choir, not getting a single sale. I did bring home a whole flat of red impatiens, which the church was giving away to celebrate Pentecost, the birthday of the church. They had some left over after most of the congregation had left with their one flower, and a few of us volunteered to take the remainder home.

Steve E was gracious enough to treat Mick and me to lunch. We took him – where else – to Captain’s Quarters, the unassuming but very pleasant restaurant on the banks of the sweet, broad Ohio about seven miles north of Camelot. The cottonwood trees were "snowing", white flakes drifting through the air and thick on the ground. We sat between a hackberry, a maple and the cottonwood and watched a very active Ohio – no barges today, but all kinds of one-person river-cycles, putt-putt mechanized rowboats, sleek small boats, yachts and houseboats. We even saw what Steve called a “cigarette boat” with an enormous-sounding engine. It looked very exotic and very fast! It was a delicious lunch and a lovely time out in the open air.

We lingered at lunch and got back home barely in time for Mick and me to take our bath and rejoin the growing party. Romi came over early to work on our computers’ maintenance. Carmen arrived and we enjoyed a good conversation before the talk around the circle and the following silent meditation. After the half-hour meditation, the group was kind enough to sit with me while I asked the Holy Spirit to guide me in producing some sample guided Gaia Meditations.

Steve feels that a lot of people who really want to enter in to these meditations are not that sure how to go about it. He wanted some examples. The group came up with seven themes and Jim read them to me one at a time. Then I would speak the meditation as it came through me. It is a kind of channeling, but from an inner guide, in my case the Holy Spirit. I was glad to get that text done, as that was all that remained of those texts which Steve needs from me to launch the first generation of it felt good to close out that part of our weekend's purpose for gathering with Steve.

We all drifted into getting our cook-out together after that was done. I made some devilled eggs while the guys fired up the grill. It is the first time we have used Dad McCarty’s grill, which we carted back from Nebraska last winter, and we discovered that only half of it is working so far. However, the part that did work produced some delicious BBQ chicken and corn on the cob. Romi had brought potato salad and cookies and Carmen had brought a sweet, juicy watermelon, so we had a feast.

Conversation reined until after 8 PM, at which time Steve offered everyone a Reiki session. In the midst of those we offered the Gaia Meditation, with Gary praying the closing prayer.

After Mick finished talking with his Mom at about 10:30 – she had driven over 500 miles today, all over west Nebraska with her niece, Shirley and Shirley’s husband, Babe, putting fresh bunches of plastic flowers on the many family graves, as is their custom, and had not gotten home until late – we said good night to the group, which was still deep in conversation. My eyes were involuntarily closing! Mick and I napped and snuggled with the kitties until midnight, when we said good night.