Thursday, May 31, 2007


Jim’s and my 20th anniversary rolled in, dusty and very warm. This month has been one of the top five hottest Mays on record despite a severe cold snap early in the month. However the grass is stubbornly growing and Jim went out after Morning Offering to make some lawns look beautiful. I went back to Dr. B-H’s office to have the EEG she requested. That took the morning.

After a very light lunch I came upstairs to work but fell asleep in my chair and lost most of the afternoon work time. Sometimes sleep sweeps over me so heavily I would think I were drugged if I did not know for sure that I am not ingesting anything consciousness-changing.

I did work more on the orange-ray chapter – each ray will need its own chapter, I have found, as the material I wish to share is too lengthy to combine the three lower chakra discussions into one chapter. However I am not satisfied yet with its flow. Something is nagging at me. I shall need to tackle this again with fresh eyes tomorrow.

I found the work I had done on the Spring 2007 issue of Light/Lines. The original ‘send’ got lost back in March when I did the work and I did not notice that Ian never published the issue on site until Gary brought it to my attention. Ian wrote back immediately to assure me that he would get the issue published pronto.

Jim and I bathed and then went to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse for our present to each other. Oh my! The outside elevator takes the happy diner up to the 25th floor of a suburban high-rise office building. It’s an interesting building, being built from the top down, so that the building is suspended from the central core. There is a 360-degree view, and private planes come and go frequently as Bowman Field is close by. The food was so good! From beginning – lobster bisque – to end – banana flan tart – and everything in between, Jim and I had a feast we will recall forever!

I offered the prayer at the end of our Gaia Meditation while we were at table there. If any other diners noticed us, they probably thought we were contemplating our plates! Truly, one can meditate anywhere except in the driver’s seat of a car!

We relaxed with the cats until bedtime.