Monday, June 04, 2007


Some days are just tough! This was one for me. I got through a beautiful service celebrating Trinity Sunday, tried and failed to sell more baseball tickets and CDs for the choir after the service, and then came home to collapse, literally. My right shoulder had gone ballistic. The nerve pain was intense all day.

Mick did everything possible, icing my back, poking the centers of pain with a tool designed to confuse the painful spots and lessen pain and, eventually, giving me a full-scale massage. I lay on a hotpad off and on. Nothing touched the pain except for a delightful vacation from time spent with Mick in sexual play. That time was a respite indeed. Mick is a most persuasive wooer!

We had a good day, otherwise, on our first summer Sunday. Jim had rented three videos and we saw two. The Last King of Scotland was a brilliantly played tour de force about Idi Amin, a person whom I just used as one example of a service-to-self polarized entity in 101. The other film was unremarkable and I slept through a lot of it, as did Mick, so I shall not review it! What I missed of it might have redeemed it for all I know!

I see Dr. Johnson, an osteopathic doctor, Friday. Perhaps he may have some resources. Meanwhile, I have resolved to change my set-up in my office chair, so that the mouse is not where it has been. I believe my woes come from working all the time in one position. Hopefully I shall be able to soften the symptoms by switching hands for mouse use.

However, since I am constantly entering text, whether editing or writing, my right shoulder and neck will continue to be constantly in motion, and I believe it is this basic swinging forward of the arm which is the cause of the nerve pain. at various time through the last three decades it has sidelined me before; once to the point of being unable to sit up. so this needs to be managed with patience and skill, and a whole lot of faith that all is well.

Mick and I talked at some length about this situation. He feels strongly that this is just the latest attempt by the Loyal Opposition to distract me from work which will serve other seekers and in its own small way help to increase the light. And one thing is certain: if I have to go back to composing on tape, then that is what I will do. I will not be distracted from my blessed opportunity to serve.

Hopefully, tomorrow will quite literally be a whole new day!