Thursday, June 14, 2007


Hot and dry, our uncharacteristic, non-sweaty weather continued today as Jim set out after our Morning Offering to mow some mow! I spent the morning editing the newsletter copy and sending that and the comments, now okayed by Mick and Gary, to Ian for publication.

Gary came in and I greeted him as I went down for lunch. He had a great visit with his little sister, went to her graduation party and also caught up with old friends from his own high school daze. There were tales of rides on scary rollercoasters to top off the happy time. He was at work at the admin desk all the rest of the day, catching up in great style.

In the afternoon I worked on the yellow-ray discussion, taking on marriage today. I made a modest start on the material, finding a good quotation to use at the head of the section and starting the writing.

Before I quit for the day, I pre-registered for an MRA I will take next Tuesday. I have a small aneurism in my right temple area that is too small to need removal but too large to be ignored, so the doctor will get a new picture of it. This is the first time I have successfully accomplished the pre-registration on line.

I sent out a notice to Carmen, Romi, Gary, Melissa and Mick that the St. Luke’s Kidsclothes Picnic is this Saturday evening. I’d love to see them there. St. Luke’s puts on a terrific time, always good food and this time, a bluegrass band as well. And of course the cause is just – clothes for children, mostly underclothing but also uniforms when needed for inner-city children who need the help.

Gary found on that there will be a special global meditation on July 17th and asked if we could join in. I said, sure! I asked him to work up a proposal for offering a formal event here and we’ll do it.

I wrote to thank Talitha L for the use of her words, from a letter she had sent me, in writing this week’s article for UPI. And I wrote to invite Melissa to come down to Louisville any day but next Sunday, which Mick asked me to keep private during the summer vacation months. Notes to Elihu E and Judy R completed my day’s work and I came downstairs in perfect timing so Mick did not have to call "bath time" upstairs.

He and I enjoyed a very romantic tryst after our whirlpool, after which I went quietly and soundly to sleep. At 9 PM Mick woke me and we went downstairs for the Gaia Meditation, with Gary praying at the end, and had a late supper before saying good night around 11 PM.